Thursday, May 28, 2015

Raghu teaching Chem this summer in beauteous Cypress, CA

     Guess who's teaching basic chemistry at Cypress College this summer? Yep. Raghu Freakin' Mathur, the SOCCCD's one-time Chancellor. (Do you realize that it's been nearly five years since he "resigned"?)
     I occasionally Google Raghu's name, and, in recent years, it's as though he's fallen off the face of the Earth! Looks like his political career—he ran for Laguna Hills City Council in 2012—is totally in the crapper.
     This morning, the Reb found mention of the Gooster as an employee in an old agenda for an NOCCCD board meeting. So I went straight to the Cypress College Schedule of Classes for this summer. Voila. (See above.)
     As you know (and as the Cypress College website explains), "The campus is just a stones-throw from Downtown Disney and Knott’s Berry Farm."
     Yep. I think I'll grab a stone and go up there.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet he'll try to achieve maximum overload.

Anonymous said...

Could it be another Raghu Mathur? His son perhaps? Why would he teach there? Does he need the money? Wouldn't Kiana hire him at IVC?

Anonymous said...

That's so weird.

Roy Bauer said...

4:36, there's only one Raghu Mathur. Mathur and the Roquemores have been at odds for years. Catch up!

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