Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rally on Monday at OCC

From the Coast Report Online, Orange Cost College's newspaper:

In an effort to stand in solidarity with an Orange Coast College professor who has been chastised after her controversial comments regarding President-elect Donald Trump made national headlines, a public rally to show support will be held Monday at noon in the college’s Free Speech Zone....According to union president Rob Scheiderman, Cox is well respected and works hard to create an environment that encourages dialogue. Additionally, the video posted on social media was made in her classroom in apparent violation of state law, district policy and Cox’s own class syllabis, the letter said. It isn’t clear who recorded Cox during the lecture. The rally, which will be held in the campus’ Free Speech Zone, is the first public showing of support for Cox who has been with OCC for more than 30 years. According to Hodge, both students and faculty want to stand in solidarity with Cox and will be attending the event at around noon on Monday...

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