Sunday, December 11, 2016

OCC professor makes Professor WatchList directory, meanwhile at Notre Dame...

Photo from Professor WatchList website
Here is the entry from the Professor WatchList website:
Olga Perez Stable Cox
Olga Perez Stable Cox is an instructor at Orange Coast College. She used class time to call the election of Donald Trump "an act of terrorism" and also called him a white supremacist and also said Vice-President Mike Pence is "anti-gay".


The OCC newspaper, Coast Report Online, has this update:

Rally organizers allege filming of professor was premeditated

Organizers for a rally in support of an Orange Coast College professor recently recorded making controversial anti-Trump statements during her class are alleging the recording was premeditated by the college’s Republicans Club.
Elias Altamirano, a 21-year-old English major, said he attended a [OCC Republican] club meeting on Nov. 15 where he allegedly witnessed the planning of filming professors. According to Altamirano, Recalde-Martinez brought up the idea of recording OCC teachers potentially making negative comments about Trump when another club member volunteered to take part.

“He was sure he would be able to obtain a video of a professor,” Altamirano said.
“Everyone agreed and was just laughing. They seemed like kids who were just excited to play a game that they had just invented.”
Altamirano said that in the same meeting Recalde-Martinez said he knew a conservative lawyer, Shawn Steel, that could help them. Steel issued a formal complaint against Cox on Nov. 30 to OCC on behalf of the club asking for Cox’s resignation.
 Meanwhile at Notre Dame (via the Washington Post):

A twist on controversial ‘Professor Watchlist’: Notre Dame academics want their names added

While most teachers at any level education would generally prefer to remain off politically motivated lists, more than 100 faculty members at the University of Notre Dame say they want their names added to Professor Watchlist, a project of the nonprofit organization Turning Point USA. The group’s website says it is a national movement that seeks to “educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.” Critics call it an assault on academic freedom.
 The watch list includes two academics from Notre Dame. One is philosophy professor Gary Gutting, who is on the list, according to the watch list website, because he wrote that the country’s “permissive gun laws are a manifestation of racism.” That came from a 2015 analysis about gun laws that Gutting wrote for the New York Times. The other is Iris Outlaw, director of Multicultural Student Programs and Services at the Catholic university. She is on the list, the website says, because she “taught a ‘white privilege’ seminar that pledged to help students acknowledge and understand their white privilege.”
The Notre Dame faculty members who signed the open letter said the people now on the list are, actually, “the sort of company we wish to keep.”


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The new poster child of the whacky, leftist, knowitall college professor.

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