Friday, September 16, 2016

What gives?

    Despite assurances made by Saddleback's PIO Jennie McCue to the contrary (on Monday), this sort of disturbing comment continues to appear on the Saddleback College Facebook Page. (I'm referring to the first comment below.)

Appearing on SC Facebook Page as of 1:45 p.m., 9/16/16

MEANWHILE, this morning:
Groundbreaking: IVC building at ATEP

     "September 16, 2016 – South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD) broke ground early this morning on the first building at the Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP) which will host career technical programs for Irvine Valley College."
     ...SOCCCD Interim Chancellor Debra L. Fitzsimons provided a global view of the 62-acre site at ATEP which will accommodate a mix of educational and non-educational uses and host education, business and commercial partners. 'I know that you share my enthusiasm for this project. This is just the beginning. You will hear much more in the coming months and years as public-private partnerships form to build a national model at ATEP,' said Interim Chancellor Fitzsimons. Saddleback College is planning a Center for Innovation in Healthcare Education which will include a fully simulated hospital to train students in a risk-free environment as well as a regional training conference center...."


Anonymous said...

It's clear from the comments provided on the Saddleback blog site that the writers need to come to the college to build their vocabulary and learn to separate fact from fiction.

Anonymous said...

It''s opinion!

Traitor? Idiot? Both?