Friday, September 16, 2016

Movement in the loutisphere

Trump Clung to ‘Birther’ Lie for Years, and Still Isn’t Apologetic
(New York Times)
     It was not true in 2011, when Donald J. Trump mischievously began to question President Obama’s birthplace aloud in television interviews. “I’m starting to think that he was not born here,” he said at the time.
     It was not true in 2012, when he took to Twitter to declare that “an ‘extremely credible source’” had called his office to inform him that Mr. Obama’s birth certificate was “a fraud.”
     It was not true in 2014, when Mr. Trump invited hackers to “please hack Obama’s college records (destroyed?) and check ‘place of birth.’”
     It was never true, any of it. Mr. Obama’s citizenship was never in question. No credible evidence ever suggested otherwise.
     Yet it took Mr. Trump five years of dodging, winking and joking to surrender to reality, finally, on Friday, after a remarkable campaign of relentless deception that tried to undermine the legitimacy of the nation’s first black president….
Orly Taitz is Still Down with Donald Trump Despite Birfer Abandonment (OC Weekly)


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Trump born in the former USSR? Snowden has proof.

Anonymous said...

So with all the egregious Clinton scandals, this is all the media's got on Donald?

Anonymous said...

No, asshole, you forgot to turn to the next page.

Anonymous said...

No, you're an asshole if you think Trump has no right to his own thoughts and opinions. There is plenty of evidence available including BO's phony long form birth certificate that the administration coincidentely phony-ed up a few days before Dr. Jerome Corsi's book, "Where's The Birth Certificate?" was published.

Roy Bauer said...

Everyone, be sure to read 4:39's latest self-defecation. It's a doozy.

BOOM! Thanks to NYT, the Trump saga enters a new and darker phase, starting tomorrow

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