Sunday, July 10, 2016

SOCCCD Chancellorology: acting, interim, and permanent

     On July 1, just four days after the tense June board meeting (see Awkward), district denizens received a surprising communication that stated that "Chancellor Gary Poertner has announced his retirement effective today...." It went on to explain that "Vice Chancellor Debra Fitzsimons will serve as Acting Chancellor until further notice. A special meeting of the board will be scheduled for next week and more information will follow."
     The special meeting occurred four days later (July 5).
     The next day (July 6), the district sent yet another communication, asserting that “Dr. Debra L. Fitzsimons was appointed to serve as Acting Chancellor last night on a 7-0 vote during a special board meeting....
     Fitzsimons is not Interim Chancellor, for, at the end of the July 6 communication, we’re told that “She will serve in the acting position until an Interim Chancellor is selected."
     Then, finally, there's this: "The board will initiate a nationwide search for a permanent Chancellor.”
     So, based on these communications, one can glean these factoids:

  • Poertner retired on July 1. 
  • Fitzsimons was appointed Acting Chancellor on July 5, though she started in that role on July 1. (This suggests that Poertner's resignation came as a surprise.) 
  • The district plans to select an “Interim Chancellor” (to replace the "Acting" Chancellor). 
  • And the board plans to replace the Interim Chancellor with a “permanent Chancellor.” 
  • There'll be a "nationwide search" for the permanent Chancellor.

     Is that about it?
* * *
     Presumably, the "acting Chancellor" position is a mere stopgap—a temporary and brief state of affairs until something more official is put into place.
      So be looking for the announcement of the selection of an "Interm Chancellor."
      I bet they'll go with a rent-an-administrator. Someone nice and uncontroversial. A reassuring benign smilester.
      What do you think?
      The next board meeting will be on July 18.
* * *


Anonymous said...

Ragu's available. Wanna bet he gets his name in the mix?

Anonymous said...

How soon we forget. It was so horrible before, now we have good, hardworking, competent leaders and we can't stop ourselves from being "US" and driving them all away. Let's just sink into our mediocre crappy selves after we motivate all the remaining decent executives and others to leave. I actively interacted with Gary and Debra. They both are the best of the best. Have done so much to have collegiality and collaboration, while handling difficult issues and personalities. We all know who they are. I am tired of being silent while I watch others make this college and district become so toxic. And pretend that they are not instigating things. I also am disappointed in the board that they cannot see all this. It must stop.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. While we may have issues with individual members of the district services team, on the whole the people I interact with are friendly and professional. I'm tired of people at the college using any excuse to vilify Gary, Debra, and really, anyone who dares to work at district services.

Anonymous said...

It could be that those at district who have good working relationship with each other (which is great) do not understand the climate at, say IVC, for the classified staff who work there. It's not as easy as either/or.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're getting that those of us saying this are not necessary district services staff.

Anonymous said...

Ok, 10:18. Point taken.Perhaps this points to the lack of community and communication on campus then.

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