Thursday, July 14, 2016

Agenda for Monday's BoT meeting

     We were just sent a link to the agenda for the July meeting of the SOCCCD BoT. I noticed that the closed session includes these items:

     Item 6.14 (a general item) of the open session concerns the "Acting" Chancellor position:

     Exhibit A of 6.14 is the actual contract, and it mentions the Interim position:

     I suppose this tells us that the trustees plan to forego the hire of an Interim Chancellor. Not sure what this means. I did find some language about the meaning of an "acting" administrator (from another Cal community college district):

     Natch, early in the meeting, Gary Poertner will receive a "resolution":


Anonymous said...

Poertner deserves more than a commendation. He deserves our appreciation for the work he has done on our behalfs.

Anonymous said...

He overstayed his welcome and became a do nothing, as in did nothing to help IVC with its Neo-Mathur Administrative style. He was well aware of the issues at IVC yet did nothing that this person can see. Hey gay, don't let the door hit you the ..., on the way out, just keep on walking dude.

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