Friday, February 12, 2016

Michief Bank

Reasonable facsimile of originally intended video

     Yesterday while Rebel Girl's WR 1 students were composing their in-class evaluations of their first essays, she tidied up the desk and surrounding areas of what is the distinctly uncharming but entirely functional classroom known as B-110. The globe which sits atop the unused tower of a filing cabinet was dusty, especially the northern hemisphere, so she polished it with Kleenex. She tried, once again, to join the two parts of the decapitated podium and failed. She threw away old papers advertising old events. Then Rebel Girl opened a box that had been there since the beginning of the semester and she found this!

      Later, after reading her Facebook post about the encounter,  her friend the novelist Mark Childress cautioned, "Careful, that thing is haunted, have you ever read any Stephen King? I'm not kidding. This is EXACTLY how all his books start. Get it away from you NOW."

      But it's too late.

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Roy Bauer said...

Excellent mischief

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