Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Recognizing IVC's past, part 5

Spring 1993
Summer 2001

SPRING 1993 Schedule of Classes

At a board meeting, Trustee Frogue expressed concern about this course in part because of the (very minor) involvement of the ADL, an organization he felt was spying on Americans and engaging in other dastardly deeds. (He wondered if they might be behind the JFK Assassination. See LA Times.) See IVC Voice, February 23 & March 23, 1995.

SUMMER 2001 Schedule of Classes

When the Faculty Association managed to buy the board (by late '96), its trustees commenced questioning various "study abroad" programs, including those in Costa Rica, Cuba, and Spain

At one board meeting, Trustee Fortune worried that this program was just a "surf party."

Golly. See Quackwatch.


Anonymous said...

Love the "Distance Education" ad!

Anonymous said...

So many study abroad programs! What happened to those?

Roy Bauer said...

Don't know about the others, but Carmen-Mara's Santander, Spain, trip seems to be going strong: see

Anonymous said...

There has never been a serious commitment in this district to study abroad programs or to international education. Whatever programs the colleges had, which were not many, were the result of incredibly hard work by individual faculty and an occasional dean. That is a sad commentary on the type of leadership we have at the district and college levels. Now with the fears of terrorist attacks, plane bombings and the like, the excuse is even more palpable to discourage such programs, even though this is why we need them even more.

Roy Bauer said...

9:23, your very point--how it is especially important now to encourage travel and study abroad--was eloquently made by students and others when Trustee Fuentes brought about the (temporary) cancellation of the Santander, Spain, trip back in 2005. Of course, Fuentes' opposition to this particularly Study Abroad program was politically motivated, which is obvious if you view the video of his original remark about Spain "abandoning" our fighting men and women (in Iraq).

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