Glenn's 30 year anniversary event—and, natch, original faculty and staff are nowhere to be found

     The Irvine Valley College campus—initially known as Saddleback College, North Campus—opened in 1979. It became an independent college—IVC—in 1985. Thirty years ago.
     So, today, we received an email that shouted
     This “anniversary” business caught me by surprise. Would there be some kind of ceremony? Or is this cupcake thing the whole shebang?
     I immediately searched for something about “anniversaries” in my college email. Sure enough, back on the 19th, we received an invitation:

   You’re invited to attend the Irvine Valley College Community Outreach Mixer as we celebrate 30 years of student success, business and community partnerships. [Note the emphasis on business and community partnerships.]

Cupcakes gallore
   In just over three decades, Irvine Valley College has grown from a small satellite campus to a standout among California’s 113 community colleges. Today, IVC is now [sic] ranked #1 in Orange County and #2 in the state among all California community colleges for its transfer rates.
   Enrollment has jumped from 6,000 students in the fall of 1985 when IVC officially opened its doors to 15,000 students today.
   On October 22, IVC will officially celebrate the 30th anniversary of the college, and on this date we would like to pay tribute to IVC’s past, present and future.
   To honor the success of our students, the value IVC faculty and staff bring to our community, and to celebrate everything that makes IVC such a special learning institution, we invite you to attend our Community Outreach Mixer celebrating 30 years of business and community partnerships.

     Evidently, we were supposed to RSVP.
     I walked over to A100 and found that its absurd interior was prepped for the big event at 4:30.
     I grabbed a flier with the event’s program.
     It’s all very odd. The event offers the usual administrators: VP Fontanilla, Prez Roquemore, VP Justice. Judging by the setup out at the parking lot, all of the trustees are invited, too. The Board Prez, TJ Prendergast, will offer some remarks.
     Where are the original faculty from back in 1985 (or before)? How come they're not front and center?
     There will be five “presenters,” and they're faculty. Two hail from IVC’s School of Business.
     Business? WTF? Maybe they'll talk about what it's like to live through a scandal? Or maybe they'll yammer about college/business "partnerships." Glenn loves that shit.
     Another “presenter” is from the School of Math, Computer Science, and Technologies. Yet another is the Ac. Senate President. She’s from Life Sciences.
     The last presenter is from counseling.
     Yeah, counseling. Why him?
     Mr. Melendez. He's a guy known for his mastery of the fine art of concocting a massive salary. (Check it out: $201,018.84)
     Where are the faculty of Humanities and Languages at this shindig? Nowhere. Do Glenn and his people have any idea who built this college and made it shine? (Hint: they didn't have huge salaries. They weren't involved in fraudulescence.)
     As always, Glenn and Co. are sans clue. Sans clue and avec the usual suspects.
     And where are the original movers and shakers of 1985?
     Evidently, they weren't invited.

     P.S.: I attended about an hour of this thing, starting at 4:30. The space really filled up—the venue was plainly too small. As we "mixed," I spoke with a reporter, a photographer, and some faculty and staff. I won't report what the latter said, for obvious reasons.
     Glenn seemed to be waiting for his VIPs to show up. Obviously, some of 'em were no-shows. He finally got the event rolling just after 5:00, with many of the reserved seats still empty. Then: a parade of elected officials, including Glenn's "boss's bosses," the trustees. (Three showed up.) Prendergast spoke, as did Assemblyman Harper and some gal from the City.
     It was ridiculous. Glenn went through his usual statistics. At one point, the whole gathering sang "Happy Birthday" to TJ Prendergast. Eyes rolled.
     Shoulda left then. It only got worse. You can just imagine.

See Alex Chan’s fluffy Daily Pilot coverage: IVC has seen growth and change in its 30 years

October 1985


Anonymous said…
And of course the least recognized and appreciated employees on campus...the classified staff. There are many who were here at the beginning and should have been invited. Unfortunately, our Administrators have little regard for classified employees and show no loyalty and little support for all their efforts on behalf of the campus and the students.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Robert makes more than the governor of the state of California! Nice work if you can get it!
Anonymous said…
I heard there is going to be another party for the entire college and at that one some of the founding staff, faculty and administrators will be present. Some noted alumni have also been asked. There will be representatives from all sectors of the college - classified, admin and the various schools. It will be a late afternoon-early evening event which will be better for most of us to attend. This one will also be in Live Oaks Terrace which will accommodate more and so our current students will be more likely to drop in and learn more about their college. There will be music. There will be food. It will be inclusive and celebratory. It will demonstrate that the administration is truly proud of all of us and what we have done through the years.
Anonymous said…
You had close to two hundred rsvps but hold the event in a room that can hold 50 people.
No original faculty speeches. Tchaikovsky spoke... he has been at IVC for one year?
No original staff speeches.
No orignality.
Oaks must have organized this snoozefest.
Boring, boring, boring.
I hope I win the tequilla so that I can kill all my brain cells associated with this lame event.

Anonymous said…
Oh great, after they screw up they are going to have "another" party for the entire college and be inclusive...another typical "OOOPS" by an incompetent administration.
Anonymous said…
Now that the party with the VIP's is over they will host an event for the lower class faculty and staff. Can't have those low-life's hob-nobbing with the VIP's.
Anonymous said…
I think 7:05 was making that all up. I don't think there will be another party. Right, 7:05?
Anonymous said…
Is that really Melendez's salary? How can that be?
Anonymous said…
His "other pay" is $68,000? That's what I make for my regular pay? Where is the oversight on this?
Anonymous said…
All the supplemental pay is approved by dean, VP, prez and board - though perhaps it isn't ever added up quite like it is here. That number is sort of hard to defend. Can't wait until the next piece on inflated salaries.
Anonymous said…
the whole event was a fucking joke! what a clusterfuck!
Anonymous said…
Watch your language. It does nothing to further discussion.
Anonymous said…
Yes. I made up the party on Live Oaks Terrace. It was wishful thinking.
Anonymous said…
9:28 maybe not Grandma, but it clearly evokes disgust and frustration for the continued behavior of the assholes in A100! said…
I agree with Grannie.
Anonymous said…

How do counselors tap that kind of salary? Its contractual folks. Its two to two and a half months of summer counseling forty hour weeks and that is straight overtime. Many of you do a class or two or three in the summer. Its important that you add up the hours that two or two and a half months can provide. Beyond their counseling schedules during the regular term, they can wrap as much overtime as possible into their schedules. While it is contractual, it seems abuse of the intent of the funds for student services. While it is contractual, why is okay to put funds in that direction while students wait in long lines for just a few classified employees to serve them. While it is contractual, why is it okay for students to lack tutorial funding as the year ends simply because they dedicated a great deal of funds to counseling overtime. While it is contractual, its an area we faculty (teaching and non teaching) need to review if we are to carry any credibility as we serve and teach our students.
Anonymous said…
Robert Urell
CIS Instructor
Regular pay: $126,931.09
Overtime pay: $0.00
Other pay: $71,049.10
Total pay: $197,980.19
Total benefits: $55,555.00
Total pay & benefits: $253,535.19
Anonymous said…
I was curious and looked other salaries up on the transparent California site Roy provided. It does not seem like most other counselors are making that kind of money...I do not know if the counselors read this blog or not. But, do they know that their chair is making so much? It would be helpful to know if others are offered overtime and do not want it or if its is only being monopolized by a few.
Anonymous said…
I have worked as an academic chair through the years and I assure you that that kind of money is NOT being made because Robert is chair. This is all due to other stipends and special projects - people sign up for work, get paid big bucks for it and there is little accountability and oversight. The college spends the money given so they look good. That's all they care about. Looking good.

Like the previous poster said, everyone above him signs off on this. It's a scam.
Anonymous said…
Damn. Maybe those folks with the big stipends could help out Polly Sundeen get a van for her son. (Take some time and tool around that Transparent California site - it's a real hoot! I remember being told by my dean that I could NOT take on any extra work otherwise my contractual duties might suffer. Ha. HA HA!. The dean was right BTW. But HA HA HA. They're laughing all the way to the bank - and squealing out of the parking lots early in their very fine rides.)
Anonymous said…
Don't you know it is unseemly to discuss money?
Anonymous said…
Meanwhile, the poor classified who are trying to deal with the abomination called WORKDAY catch hell if they are struggling to get their work done in 8 hours and require overtime. Supposedly, the campus rule from the Administration is No overtime (another "rule" from the Administration is that you MUST take a one-hour lunch period and cannot take 1/2 an hour. Classified staff don't have the opportunity for stipends and certainly earn no extra money for doing other projects or committee work.

Where is that equity?
Anonymous said…
The morale and treatment of our classified employees should be an issue. They are carrying a great deal of the load and many are processing these ridiculous payments while trying to keep their heads above water while watching a real lack of accountability in key areas. Beyond that, how about our fellow part time faculty colleagues? It naturally follows that since the available coverage is primarily absorbed by a few full time counselors, how about the rest of the part time counselors asking for what is left behind and standing in lines much like the students they serve? How are students served by having a few professionals when they could have access to many credentialed professionals with varying backgrounds, experience and ethnicity? While the argument will always hold that the demand for counselor time is huge and their demand is rarely recognized, why must it be a select full time few over and over again? How does this serve our students? Why do we continue to pretend it does? When is there accountability and oversight?
Anonymous said…
new version of trickle down economics, college style?
Anonymous said…
it's called corruption and milking the system.
Anonymous said…
Anyone have an update on the faculty member who collapsed in bstic and was taken away via an ambulance?
It happended during the birthday festivities.
Anonymous said…
4:02pm She didn't collapse. She wasn't making sense and incoherent so the students called the police who brought in the medics to examine her. She was not taken away by ambulance.
Anonymous said…
What was the problem? Drugs? Alcohol? I heard the complete opposite that the students did not help but instead taunted her and posted compromising pictures of the teacher.
Anonymous said…
8:08am -- yeah, that's true too, but other students called the police. She doesn't have a great rep among the students it appears, I'll leave it at that. I don't know what caused it or why she didn't cancel class.
Anonymous said…
who are we talking about? Heard nothing about this.
Anonymous said…
Should be on the campus safety police blog.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like another cover-up!
Anonymous said…
no info on who it is. What about the radio truck knocking over one of our light fixtures at yesterdays playground day? what happened?
Anonymous said…
Did someone fill out an unusual occurance report?
Anonymous said…
It was an adjunct faculty member and the dean was called to the classroom as well.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to be late to this party. The original faculty began teaching at the college in 1979 when the doors were first opened, not 1985. What happened in 1985 is such a better story that the myth that has taken its place.
Roy Bauer said…
4:49, I quote the start of my post: "The Irvine Valley College campus—initially known as Saddleback College, North Campus—opened in 1979. It became an independent college—IVC—in 1985. Thirty years ago."

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