Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday morning IVC factoids, some remarkable

Costly fubar
     1. ANOTHER CONSTRUCTION FUBAR. Irvine Valley President Glenn Roquemore and his office sent out two emails to the college community this morning.
     First, we learned that the big A400 building project ran into a fubar that will cause a significant delay in occupancy. According to Roquemore,
     Rain on 5/8/2015 and subsequent rain events identified water intrusion issues at numerous locations on the A400 project. District staff stopped work and requested a complete water intrusion report prior to further construction on the exterior envelope. After much negotiation, the contractor has indicated their decision to remove the exterior finishes and reinstall a new exterior system.
     Removal will include demolition of the brick and plaster walls leaving the exterior studs clean and ready to receive the new exterior façade and window system. The contractor will provide additional staffing to ensure quality control and a watertight system.
     The upshot: “the building will not be available in time for the Spring semester.”
     Gosh darnit.
     “District staff,” he writes, “would be in a position to provide an update at the end of July.” Well, since it’s already August, it’s hard to say quite what that means. Perhaps he means July, 2016. Could be.

Fubar after fubar
     2. NEW IVC DIRECTOR MOTHER OF DOG AND CAT. This morning, we also learned (in a forwarded Linda Fontanilla email) that a new Student Life director has been hired: Anissa “Cessa” Heard-Johnson.
     We get the usual biographical factoids. The email ends remarkably, however:
She resides in Paramount and is the mother of two daughters, one dog and one cat.
Glenn evidently devotes his best thinking to his ham radio hobby


Anonymous said...

At least we are given the realistic dates for a change.

Anonymous said...

That's what people who have no friends do. Talk to other lonely people they will never have to meet.

Anonymous said...

In order to have friends, you must also be a friend. Friendship requires trust, loyalty and truthfulness. That is why Glenn has no friends.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Many people consider their pets as their children, like you do with your cats, Roy. Thank God you haven't had offspring!

Roy Bauer said...

4:21, to what are you referring? I can't make sense of your comment. Obviously, I do not object to people loving their pets. The point was that Linda F's writing. on this occasion, produced a howler. Do I gotta spell it out?

Anonymous said...

That was one amazing bit of biological DNA work.

Anonymous said...

Re: Construction FUBAR--that sounds remarkably like the same problem that the District offices had when there was a giant rainstorm that hit the HS building not long after the building was first occupied - we were using trash cans to catch the deluge that was spilling into some of the District offices through the windows (Accounting was hit particularly badly at that time). The result being that - due to the complicated intricacies involved in installing water diversion systems, there was no way to realistically determine who was at fault for the HS FUBAR. Glad to see the same idiocy in IVC construction management, from what are probably the same HS building subcontractors, is being foisted on IVC. S*&t - why doesn't the District, and for that matter, the State Chancellor's Office, require that public institutions hire real, permanent construction trades staff to build the public works projects, instead of relying on incompetent PRIVATE corporate construction management companies - it is time to resurrect the WPA.

Oh, that's right; I forgot: Saddleback killed off its construction program, in favor of more white-collar oriented professions. Nice work.

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