Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chancellor's Opening Session on Tuesday

     This morning, in an email, SOCCCD Chancellor Gary Poertner reminded the district community that the “Chancellor’s Opening Session will take place on Tuesday, August 11 in the McKinney Theatre at Saddleback College.” He noted that the “keynote speaker will be Paul Grossman, Chief Regional Attorney (retired), Office of Civil Rights, U. S. Department of Education.”

Grossman’s bio at Hastings is the following:
Paul Grossman, Adjunct Faculty     Adjunct Professor Paul Grossman is the Chief Regional Civil Rights Attorney for the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights in San Francisco. Following graduation from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in his career with the Department, he has investigated and resolved every possible type of education civil rights matter including desegregating schools in the South, securing bilingual education curricula for immigrant students, obtaining tenure for female professors, elevating the quality of facilities available to female athletes, rectifying an educational environments that are hostile on the basis of race, national origin or disability, defining an "appropriate education" for elementary students irrespective of the severity of their disabilities, and developing the foundational principles for the application of disability law to students in higher education. On the later topic, Professor Grossman is a much sought after national speaker, regularly guest lecturing at law schools and schools of education such as Boalt, Stanford, UC Davis, Sacramento State University, Ohio State University, and the University of Texas. In several journals, Professor Grossman has also published on this topic.
     Professor Grossman founded the disability law program at Hastings ten years ago and has been involved with it since then. The issue currently of most interest to Professor Grossman is securing access to a college education for veterans with disabilities returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. On this topic, Professor Grossman is currently advising the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights and the Office of the Vice President of the United States.
I also found this brief description:

Chief Regional Attorney (ret.), U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, San Francisco, CA
Paul D. Grossman, J.D.
     Paul is an Adjunct Professor of Disability Law at Hastings College of Law and the University of California. He regularly lectures or publishes on disability law at U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Davis, Ohio State University, LDAA, and the National Association of ADA Coordinators. Paul was one of the first individuals to bring the issue of educating returning war veterans to the attention of the higher education community and to develop both compliance and best practice strategies for this population. Many of Paul’s compliance decisions, developed in his capacity as Chief Regional Attorney and Coordinator of OCR’s National Disability Network are highlighted in the online publication “Disability Compliance in Higher Education.”
     Paul is co-author of The Law of Disability Discrimination (8th edition). Insights into this area of law are often drawn from his own challenges attending college and law school as an individual with a disability.

See also this.

A (précis?) of an article by Grossman: The Cutting Edge: Educational Innovation, Disability Law, and Civil Rights


Anonymous said...

Probably the best Chancellor's opening session key note speaker we have had.

Kudos to the Chancellor and those who selected the speaker

Anonymous said...

Really great speaker! Finally, something useful!

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