Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SOCCCD dismal truism #1

First in a series.

SOCCCD dismal truism #1: from board micromanagement to board inaction

Owing to its history of overreach and loutishness (a failing largely overcome in recent years), the board is particularly concerned that it not be accused of “micromanagement.” Unfortunately, the board has settled into a routine of erring in the other extreme—inveterately refusing to investigate or address complaints and objections about officials' conduct and policies.

This has been particularly disastrous for Irvine Valley College, which has suffered under Glenn Roquemore’s embarrassing, anti-intellectualist, sub-collegiate leadership—poor hires, poor management, general obliviousness, failure to communicate or to sustain community, tolerance of incompetence and worse—for over a dozen years, allowing the institution to sink ever further into mediocrity and its employees ever deeper into resigned acquiescence.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think people understand that it could be better. It could. It really could.

Anonymous said...

The board is visiting IVC soon for another "listening session." Everyone should go. The last one was good but was dominated (after awhile) by a few voices already TOO FAMILIAR to the board.

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