Disaster 3 awaits

      [UPDATE: one of our readers reports: "It appears that the hiring committee for the permanent Foundation Director is being formed. The faculty Association has appointed Bill Hewitt to be their representative on the committee, so he is not applying to be the Director." I have not yet confirmed this.]
    Former Counselor and Director of Support Services, Bill Hewitt, is now retired, but it's hard to tell, 'cause you still see him around so much.
     He has long been associated with the IVC Foundation, where, currently, he holds a leadership position. (As you know, Richard Morley, IVC's wildly unpopular recent Foundation Exec Director, vacated the office late in 2014, leaving the Foundation in lousy shape.)

     I do believe Bill is a part-time counselor nowadays, too. At any rate, that's how he's listed on IVC's Directory.

Not very presentable
     Over the years, we've heard endless rumblings to the effect that various former faculty and administrators covet a spot on the SOCCCD board. The two names that, in my experience, come up most often in this regard are Raghu P. Mathur, who (thankfully) seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth, and, well, Bill Hewitt, who has not. I do believe that those two reside in Marcia Milchiker's corner of the district, but Marcia, who's now in her 23rd year as trustee, has exhibited no interest in retiring from the board.
     Bill Hewitt has also kept an oar in the water, or at least his nose in the affairs, of the faculty union (Faculty Association), evidently having been instrumental in persuading Nancy Padberg to run for reelection last November, despite her recent injury and convalescence. (As you know, she sailed to victory, unopposed. She now attends board meeting regularly, but will she remain there? She seems a mere shadow of her former assertive and opinionated self.)
     Persistent inquiring minds wanna know: Does Bill now have his sights set on the IVC Foundation Executive Director spot, now filled, on an interim basis, by the estimable Dennis Gordon?
      The last two IVC Foundation Directors have been full-on disasters. Al Tello, a fellow who once suggested holding a "book-burning" fundraiser, hung onto his job for years only, it seems, because he was Trustee Tom Fuentes' boy. I still don't know how Richard Morley kept his job as long as he did. The man was about as presentable as the fat, green Mucinex spokesbooger ("Mr. Mucus"), only less charming.
     The subject of finding a new Executive Director came up at a recent Academic Senate meeting. I made a suggestion: given President Roquemore's dismal history with these hires (some of which involved "worrisome irregularities," I added), shouldn't the college take especially great care in this case?
     Everyone seemed to agree. Administrators in the room said nothing, of course.
     I'm waiting for Disaster 3.

"Value" performance and "economy"!
P.S.: I took a look at the Foundation website, and I happened to notice the organization's "mission" and "vision" and such. Here's its vision:
To be a preeminent community college foundation reflecting the value and economy of our community and greater Orange County, California.
     I get the first part: we envision being a "preeminent cc foundation." OK.
     It's the last part that I don't get. We envision "reflecting the value and economy of our community...."
     The value? Not the values? What's the community's "value"?
     Value and economy? This vision sounds like a TV ad selling bathroom tissue—or maybe mucus reduction spray.
     Just sayin'.


Anonymous said…
Why wouldn't they leave Gordon in as the Foundation Director? He did a great job when they put him in Helen's old job and the department improved. If they leave him in the Foundation, I'll bet he can get that turned around too.
Anonymous said…
Glen announced they were doing a national search for a new foundation director. Supposedly they want someone with fundraising credentials (like Morley had). Of course we know where that got us.
Anonymous said…
Morley and Mr. Mucus...LAMO! RB you hit that one spot on!
Anonymous said…
Likening Morley to Mr. Mucus was insulting...I think you owe Mr. Mucus an apology!
Anonymous said…
What's important is the appearance of transparency and the all important "national search". In the end Wild Bill will get the nod. They wont allow Gordon to remain because Roquemore is not that smart.
Anonymous said…
No, no, no...not Mr. Mucus. Rodney Dangerfield.
Anonymous said…
I always thought Elmer Fudd.
Anonymous said…
I don't know why Bill Hewitt still wields the power he does, or imagines he does. He dominated last year's board listening session at IVC - embarrassing. BTW - Al Tello has a twitter account - as does Glenn. I think Al writes his but I am not sure about Glenn. I don't know about Richard. The foundation has a lot of potential - too bad.
Anonymous said…
Bill Hewitt is also not that far from Mr. Mucus
Anonymous said…
he is to nice
Anonymous said…
hit that on the head
Anonymous said…
Uncle Bill seems to have all his fingers in all the cakes at all times.
Anonymous said…
It appears that the hiring committee for the permanent Foundation Director is being formed. The faculty Association has appointed Bill Hewitt to be their representative on the committee, so he is not applying to be the Director.

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