Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monday's BOT meeting: a snoozefest?

     Today, as usual, Chancellor Gary Poertner sent the district community a link to the agenda of the next board meeting, which will be held on Monday (Sept. 29).
     It looks like a real snoozefest.
     The agenda for the closed session includes an item re “Public Employee Discipline, Dismissal, Release,” two “matters.”
     For the open session, which starts at 5:30—that's unusual—there are no discussion items. The latter often take up lots of the trustees' time.
     Under “Academic personnel actions,” I noticed this bit about “reorganization”:

     I noticed, too, that a recent hire at IVC got her advanced degree, a doctorate, from Argosy in Santa Ana.
     Sheesh. (At least her BA is from a real college.)
     Under "reports," there’s this: “Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College: Annual Accreditation Reports"
     Another report concerns a complaint about the ASIVC student elections in April. Looks pretty messy, convoluted.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Board is aware of the mess that is IVCs current catalog?

Roy Bauer said...

Don't think so. Explain the "mess."

Anonymous said...

Some snoozfest, huh?

Half-staff: ten days and counting.

The flags outside A-100 has been flying at half-staff for ten days now. Even the one of the regular Jehovah's Witness women noticed ...