Wednesday, September 24, 2014

IVC's "banned books" event is a blazing success

Virginia Shank (and Lisa Alvarez) at today's event
It attracted wandering studentry
Was a sunny day

The "banned books" event, which occurred at 3:00 p.m. today in front of the IVC Library, went off without a hitch—or bonfire. Faculty, students, and others happily took turns reading from past and present "banned" writings by the likes of Ray Bradbury (a local favorite), Kurt Vonegut, Alan Ginsberg, Alice Walker, and many others.
Above: one of our recent English hires reads as Lisa views her snazzy "Freadom" sign

 Virginia Shank and Lisa Alvarez, both of the English Department and School of Humanities, were the event's presenters. (The event was "presented" by the English Dept. and Library Services but was "sponsored" by ASIVC.) Mostly, Virginia and Lisa had people come up and read—from scraps of paper grabbed at random from two "banned" bags.

Virginia and Lisa having fun

The event was well attended and enjoyed the often ardent participation of students, who seemed to come alive as they read the words of some of their favorite authors.

IVC President, Glenn Roquemore, who supported the event, participated in the readings, wearing, as did all participants, an old-school fireman's helmet emblazoned with "451"—an allusion to the famous Ray Bradbury novel, which became a celebrated film (Francois Truffaut). (The helmet is owned by Lisa, whose father spent 45 years in the LA Fire Department.)
Above: observe two Ray Bradbury posters, signed by Ray, provided by IVC's own Frank Pangborn, who also participated

Our own Diane Oaks also read from a banned work

It was a spectacle, it was

Our good friend Melanie, a reading instructor, intoned pleasantly into a microphone
atop the "soap box," a prop crafted by Lisa,
who harbors many talents beyond writing and teaching and rebelling

Lots of students hung around, taking in the artistic and free-speech loving vibe.

Students, examining some of the books on display.
I heard several students, and others, expressing appreciation 
for the event. No doubt we'll do it again next year.

Bradbury (1920-2012) visited IVC in 2009. See Bradbury event at IVC.
Glenn and Frank sharing a laugh

Lisa speaking with one of the students who went out of his 
way to express appreciation for the event

More students happily soakin' up the literary vibe
Students seemed really to enjoy the displays
Happy campers in the sun


Rapt attention
Excitement just outside the library


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful event! I had a great time.


Anonymous said...

We need more events like this ! So great!!!!

Anonymous said...

It WASgreat!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Would love to see more events like this on campus. It would make it easier to deal with the less academic events we see so regularly. This was all around good for faculty-admin relations. And most importantly, a great experience for students. It was a good day on campus today.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Glenn got to pretend he was a real fireman!

Anonymous said...

This is so refreshing! Roy, thanks for such good report. This is what academia is about. Keep those reports coming.

Anonymous said...

Hardly a "blazing success." There were like 10 faculty, 15 students and Glenn. How do you consider such a low turnout a success?

Roy Bauer said...

You're only counting those who were seated. There were many more who came and went or who stood n the background. The photos provide a sense of that. Can't you see that?

Anonymous said...

I notice that comment was made in your BoT report to the absence of attendees at IVC's 9/11 event - esp. members of the public. Any numbers there?

Roy Bauer said...

No numbers were mentioned, but Roquemore spoke of his "heart" being "broken" by the lack of community attendance. So I figure nobody showed up. It must have been pretty bad.

Anonymous said...

You're backpedaling, Roy. Face it, Morley and his foundation have had far more "blazing successes" with their events than you guys...

Anonymous said...

I think you misunderstand the purpose of a modest public event meant to celebrate literacy and put on by librarians and English teachers in their spare time - and someone in Morley's full-time position and the events they are supposed to produce. I think it is like comparing - oh, I dunno, herons and pizza. It's doesn't really make sense. And I think the "blazing" was an allusion to the excessive heat of the day as well as a literary allusion to Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. But go ahead and pick on the librarians. That's always a win. Meanwhile, according to the IVC website, the Foundation's Golf Classic is still scheduled to take place "Fall 2014." Go for it.

Anonymous said...

Then you guys knock IVC's "loutish" approach to prospecting local businesses with cookie tins, and what is it you served at your event? Huh? I can't hear you, say it louder please.... COOKIES! Please explain how cookies encourage reading and stimulate critical thought, imagination?

Roy Bauer said...

Backpedaling? What on Earth are you talking about? Morley is supposed to generate money. These events are in no sense comparable. Please go away.

Roy Bauer said...

You really are quite stupid, aren't you? Please go away. Stay away.

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