Tuesday, August 19, 2014

There will be dancing in the streets

Kindergarten class portrait, at Killefer School on North Lemon Street, Orange, California, 1945. Emigdio Vasquez is in the second row, second from the left.  Photo donated by Emigdio Vasquez. Part of the "Shades of Orange" project.

Sunday evening found Rebel Girl at her alma mater UCI (zot! zot!), the New Swan's production of "Romeo and Juliet." A nice way to mark the end of summer. As it happens, two former students were in the audience (after 22 years of teaching, it is almost impossible to be anywhere in the county without running into former students). She sat next to one of them, a former journalist who is now employed by Chapman University as a public relations writer.

Rebel Girl mentioned her recent trip to Orange and the Cypress Street mural. The writer knew all about it. She told Rebel Girl that Chapman was going to have a re-dedication ceremony for the newly restored mural in October and promised to send her information.

Then yesterday, on the way home from a long day at school, there was Gustavo Arellano's weekly radio commentary on Santa Monica College station KCRW. Gustavo, newly married to beloved IVC alum Delilah Snell, was paying his respects to Emigdio Vasquez and holding forth on the future of el maestro's works.

Here's the link to Gustavo's commentary: click here. Listen and learn.

Bride and groom.
Meanwhile, on the homefront, it looks like Emigdio's IVC mural will have a new location and, like Chapman University, IVC will commemorate this with a re-dedication ceremony. What grand news.

Stay tuned.

And go visit the mural where it is in B-100.  Try to find the Mexican pyramid hidden in the fields.  See the yellow face of the old A-quad clock tower.

Photo: Delilah Snell and I dancing to "La Marcha de Zacatecas" at our wedding yesterday. THANK YOU to all of ustedes who went, with a special thanks to culinary all-stars Roland Rubalcava for the tortas ahogadas/fideo seco, Carlos Salgado for the aguachile, Bricia Lopez and Fernando Marcos Lopez for the Michelada VW bus, Richard Blade for the New Wave, DJ Yellow Blackbird for the cumbias, and so many more. ¡Viva el amor!
Dancing in the streets. Bride and groom. Downtown Santa Ana.  (Note Red Emma in his fine summer seersucker standing behind the band, clapping his hands.)


Anonymous said...

More wedding photos please!

Anonymous said...

That is great about the mural. The history of the college should be better known.

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