Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beauteous OC, Land o' Abiding Corruption

Has watchdog effort to oversee O.C. campaign laws lost its bite?
(OC Register)
     …[OC’s longtime government ethics watchdog, Shirley] Grindle is supremely steamed. “I would like the voters to know what extremes this board [of Supervisors] is going to to avoid what I believe most conscientious voters want – a centralized, local ethics commission that can not only administer, monitor and enforce the local campaign ordinance, but also handle whistleblower complaints regarding conflicts of interest, fraud, waste, nepotism and sexual harassment,” she said….
. . .
     In its plea for an independent ethics commission last year, the grand jury chronicled a litany of corruption allegations dating back to the 1970s – citing 43 county politicians indicted from 1974 to 1977 alone. The supervisors declined the plea….

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