Thursday, August 28, 2014

Glenn Roquemore is an embarrassment

     It's quite a college we've got here. Last week, President Glenn Roquemore had a photo op with a rep from among the most scandalous higher ed "for-profits," namely, The U of Phoenix. Apparently, Roquemore doesn't have a clue what that organization represents—namely, hoodwinking young people, and especially veterans, selling them a bill of goods, in order to secure huge sums of taxpayer funds.
     And here's the latest: evidently, Roquemore has arranged for Army recruiters to bring one of their silly fantasy-land, snake oil recruitment "semis" to the college next week (Tuesday, the 2nd of Sept).
     The dang thing will be located in the vast expanse of concrete in front of the cafeteria. (See pic above.)
     It appears that recruiters in Army World have a fleet of semis loaded with the usual infantile and meretricious whizbangery (lasers, weapon simulators, battle simulators, XBOXs, "theme" motorcycles, etc.). —Yes, they've even got an exhibit the centerpiece of which is a fake-military chopper fabricated by those fat-heads at OC Choppers! (See below.)

Naturally, this TV chopper is not used by the Army—except for recruitment. However, says the Army, "its unique features generate positive conversations about the Army." Conversations or fantasies?
     Choppers? Lasers? XBOXs? Cool guns and tony camo? It seems to me that a college should stand for honest critical thinking and a rejection of snake-oil salesmanship. And what could be less honest and more serpentine than the kind of appeal these recruiters lay on young people?
     Here are some relevant photos I found in a document distributed among Army recruiters called Asset [Semi, etc.] User's Guide for Maximizing Accessions. "Accessions," I suppose, is Army-speak for bodies recruited. Recruiters who manage to snag one of these semis for a recruitment event are the "asset users," I guess. What the recruiters are looking for, of course, are hot "leads." That's the language of boiler-room operations.
     It's the language these people use, I kid you not.

Gosh, I wonder what an "Army Story" is?

Did you read that last one? Collecting quality leads!

Have fun shooting at stuff in the Army!
"Leadership activities"?
"Engaging virtual enemies." Yeah.


Anonymous said...

This is Glenn's idea of a veteran friendly campus.

Anonymous said...

It would be different if other things happened on campus but they don't.

Anonymous said...

Glenn will be the 1st in line to ride the chopper. He'll be disappointed when they tell him he cant actually ride it, but he will take advantage of the photo op.

Anonymous said...

It is just the singular mode in which the administration operates. Alone it wouldn't be a big deal. Also the continued 9/11 commemoration is very bizarre. While certainly there was tragedy, there have been many many tragedies in US and global history. There is also nothing intellectual or academic about the celebration. How about a panel discussion of experts who understand us foreign policy, terrorism, effects on Muslim American populations or the longtime effects of the Patriot Act? Nope, just more photo ops....all of the above in combination with pretending veterans are the only students who are in need of support, and it's just embarrassing for a college.

Anonymous said...

Babes in uniform... YES!

Anonymous said...

I guess "quality leads" are those youngsters who can't find any other job due to Barry (the Bomber) Soetoro's dismal economy. How come we have a president with two names?

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