Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Scholarship Program Debriefing, Strike 1

     So, today, I went to the “debriefing” meeting re scholarship (etc.) events (see earlier post, What up, Rocky?). According to the original announcement, sent on May 30 by Ac. Sen. Prez Kathy Schmeidler to VP of SS Linda Fontanilla—and cc’d to faculty—the meeting was scheduled thus:
A123 (the President's Conference Room)
Thursday, Jun 6 2-3 pm
     When I got to the conference room (a half hour ago), at exactly 2:00 p.m., I found the door to A123 locked. Not lights were on inside.

     I talked to friends in the building, and we eventually determined that there was an understanding “out there” to the effect that the meeting would begin, not at 2:00, but at 3:00

     At 3:00, I’ll let you know if they’ve somehow moved the meeting to the Sizzler or something. (Yeah, maybe one of Rocky's people will say, "Yeah, they're down at Tijuana's!")


Anonymous said...

Well, I was there at 1:30 and almost stayed for the meeting but now I am glad I didn't. Why didn't they send out an email reminder so people would know? I understand that some people came in especially for the meeting.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat as 3:23 - glad I left. Odd an email wasn't sent out. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

Well, I came specially to campus for the meeting - advertised as from 2-3 - and had another obligation which I would have to leave at 3 to attend. Only upon reaching campus did I discover that the meeting time had been changed - without notice. This is a typical snafu of the commencement and scholarship committees - and serves to further alienate and disenfranchise people. Bad enough the meeting was held during the brief summer break. Now this thoughtlessness. Would it have been too much to send out an email telling people the meeting time had been changed? Perhaps they don't really want to hear from us after all, what do you think?

Roy Bauer said...

Ultimately, the meeting did occur at 3:00 p.m. (actually, at 3:05), with ten in attendance, not including Glenn, who remained only long enough to make an appearance and offer his big smile. Among those attending were KS, KR, KM, me (faculty) and RM, DC, LF (who ran the meeting), HL, DO, and a quiet person who was unfamiliar to me. It was a good meeting in which the things that needed to be said were said, I think. I think the meeting had a good outcome as well--that is, the plan is a good one. I'll have a fuller report later. Sorry to hear that some (at least three, evidently) arrived at 2:00 but couldn't stay the extra hour. The meeting lasted about 1:20. It was obviously too short, but worthwhile, and VP Font seems sincere and committed to making things right.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your perseverance and the update.

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