Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tod looking for work at Chabot & Napa Valley (not just Cabrillo)

     Golly, Tod Burnett is really beating the bushes for a new gig, it seems (I think his contract with the SOCCCD will run out pretty soon).
     As you know, he's a finalist in the Cabrillo College President/Superintendent search (see). He'll do two forums there on Thursday, the day before commencement.
     Here he is (above) recently at Chabot College taking his turn presenting himself in a forum in the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District (CLPCCD) Chancellor search process.
     According to a published timeline, the final interviews—before the CLPCCD BOT—are being held today.
     Tod presenting at Las Positas.

     Just found this:

     —Burnett was also in the running for the Napa Valley College Presidency. Ultimately, Ron Kraft was hired (see below).

Napa Valley College presidential hopefuls to give presentations (San Jose Mercury News Times-Herald; 4/18/13)
     Napa College is a little closer to hiring a permanent president, announcing it has narrowed its list of finalists to four.
. . .
     The four finalists were picked after a national search which began in January…. Kraft is among the finalists who also include Tod Burnett, Kimberlee Messina and Mary Kay Rudolph.
     A final selection is expected to be made as part of the board of director's May 9 meeting….
Napa Valley Register (May 4)
     While no official announcement has been made as to who the next president of Napa Valley College will be, the board of trustees has identified its “top candidate.”
     Ron Kraft, current interim college president, was named as the board’s top choice in an email sent to college staff by the chair of the board, Michael Baldini….
     An official announcement of appointment will be made Thursday, the college said.
     —As I said, Kraft got the gig. He assumed office on May 9.


Anonymous said...

Jeez. What about Glen R.?

Roy Bauer said...

I can find no evidence that Glenn is searching for a new administrative gig--or, rather, that he has become a finalist anywhere.

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