Saturday, January 19, 2013

OC VROOM: fast 'n' loud at the old Marine Base

     I’m a bit of a car nut*, and so I watch shows like “Top Gear” and even Motor Trend magazine videos (Porsche vs. Ferrari, Camaro vs. Mustang, etc.).
     Really. I love that stuff. Don't ask me to defend it. Can't.
     If you’re like me and you enjoy this nonsense, then you’re aware that, in recent years, the former El Toro Marine Base airfield has emerged as a major star in the Car Hollywood heavens—because of those big, long airstrips and the largely unobscured vistas they afford. For instance, the American version of BBC's Top Gear (yes, I know, it sucks) films at the base. That's the main reason I watch the show, despite its undeniable lametude.
     There's lots more. Here’s a smattering of videos that feature the base—and the lovely hills and skies of our own South OC:

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*Alas, my bad back long ago prevented my developing into a gearhead.

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Matt said...

Wow..!! That race had me almost holding my breath.I have always wanted to push my feet against the throttle and let the car do the talking for a very long time but the thing is I have never found a long strip of road devoid of population and traffic so as to enjoy that moment of bliss when your engine roars at its peak.

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