Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kitten and couple

The puppy cat
     A very brief Bugsy update: he’s doing wonderfully. Took ‘im to the vet on Thursday, where he got two more shots, plus this and that. He was pretty brave about it, and it helped that the technician, Janelle, was kind and good. Turns out his health prospects are likely better than we first thought, given his heart murmur, and that cheered us.
     Yesterday, my folks moved all the furniture out of a back room in preparation for carpet-cleaning there, and the temporary home of all that stuff in the living room produced a marvelous kitten Disneyland. I popped by today, and I found the Bugster happily exploring the empty drawers and empty chests, the box spring set, and whatnot. Naturally, the boy was hard to find, cuz hiding is half the fun.
     "Where are you, Little Man?" called mom. He soon climbed atop a couch, and mom scooped him up, then cradled him like a baby, whereupon he seemed to go into a brief trance. I espied his fuzzy little forehead and pinkish ears whilst mom made with the baby talk. Then, suddenly, he squirmed out of mom's arms and ran to greet my dad at the door. "Hi, pup!" said dad, as he struggled, like the old man he is, through the door.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update--glad the little guy is doing well.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad he is doing well! Seriously good news. I love your writing! I laughed my head off when you said he went into a brief trance in your Moms arms. I could so picture it. Anyone who knows cats can see the pictures you are painting. Sounds like he has some dog qualities too, like running to the door at the sound of a voice he likes, rather than staying isolated under a patch of sun upstairs. Very, very good cat characteristics for elderly parents to enjoy.

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