Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkeys on Thanksgiving

Rebel Girl and her family had been worried about the flock of turkeys that lives off the main road in Modjeska Canyon.  The birds often stop traffic on the road, especially the morning elementary school carpool which can come to a complete halt (really, a complete get-out-of-the-car-and-shoo-kind-of-stop). The birds are definitely "free range," like most animals in the canyons.

But as Thanksgiving approached the little guy grew concerned.  He'd ask, "How could someone eat an animal they know?" 

Explaining the way the world works (and doesn't work) to a ten-year-old can be humbling and educational for the explainer. 

Then, yesterday, there the flock was in all their turkey glory, strutting into the road on Thanksgiving afternoon, once again stopping traffic and not, as Rebel Girl had imagined, being served on fine platters across the county.

The little guy was not surprised but his mother sure was. 

Gobble, gobble.


Anonymous said...

They live! And they are as beautiful as you described.

Anonymous said...

What a good little boy. You may have seen this, and I haven't seen it all the way through--but it's pretty sweet. Might be a fun Thanksgiving weekend lazy afternoon flick for you and him.

Thanks for the beautiful shot of the turkeys!


Anonymous said...

Great shot of them thar turkeys.

Thanks, Roy.

Roy Bauer said...

Yes, a great shot, but it was taken by Rebel Girl.

Bob Cosgrove said...

Still a great shot no matter who took the pic. Could have been another turkey, for that matter.


Anonymous said...

They shore are tasty.

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