Friday, November 9, 2012

So long, Orlando Boy & the Gooster

     Head of cabbage? I'm being kind. (Pace cabbage.) And let's not forget that some of our benighted union brethren/sistren saw to it that over $5,000 of our money was given to Cabbage Head for his candidate's statement. I want my money back. I'll settle for never having to see Brown Boy again.

The cry of the Goo: "I feel discriminated!"
     I have no doubt that Raghu still thinks that he is destined for greatness. He must be discouraged, though.
     "Why don't they love me?" he asks, in the dead of night.
     "Because you're an asshole," I answer here on my MacBook Pro, on this lovely and cold Friday evening.
     Bugsy says "hey."



Anonymous said...

Goodbye to so so many: Connie Mack! Tommy Thompson! Mary Bono Mack! Allen West! Chris Norby! Todd Akins!

Anonymous said...

DANG, she's good. Lovely to listen to that.



Anonymous said...

Funny about "... even Richard Nixon has got soul." The song has been going through my head for the past few weeks--I think because I have been wondering: does even Mitt Romney have soul? (I suspect so, though he keeps it well hidden.)

Who is the guy singing this? Wasn't it Neil Young who originally did it? And what was the occasion of Nixon's tears that inspired that song?----it was a nice observation on Young's part.


Roy Bauer said...

This rendition is by an obscure fellow. Yes, the song was written by Neil Young. As I recall, Young was struck by a news story about Nixon, in tears, waiting at a hospital while his wife underwent surgery. I think the song first emerged in the early or mid 70s.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Rachel.

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