Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Newsoids

 Ole Miss Students Protest Obama Victory (Inside Higher Ed)
     Several hundred students at the University of Mississippi who were frustrated by President Obama's re-election held a protest early Wednesday morning. The Clarion-Ledger reported that while the event was incorrectly described as a "riot," it did involve burning of an Obama campaign poster and the shouting of racial epithets. Chancellor Dan Jones issued a statement expressing disappointment in the “immature and uncivil approach” of some students.
 Community-College Degree Often Smooths the Path to a B.A., Report Says (Chronicle of Higher Education)
     Nearly three-quarters of students who earned an associate degree and moved to a four-year college graduated with a bachelor's degree within four years.
 Prop. 30: Schools, colleges win reprieve from dire cuts (OC Reg)

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Fact is always more interesting than fiction (from the Huffington Post):

"Democrat Attacked By Tea Party For Being Childless Wins Seat.

Democrat Brandon Whipple, who was attacked by the Tea Party over the weekend for not having children, has won a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives. Returns published by the secretary of state show Whipple defeating Republican Rick Lindsey 58 percent to 42 percent in the newly created Wichita district.

On Saturday, campaign literature created by Kansans for Liberty, a Tea Party group in Wichita, asked, "Can someone with no children really understand your family's needs?" about the Democrat.

Whipple, 30, noted that he and his wife, Chelsea, have been trying to have children and told HuffPost that the ad, which included other attacks, took the race to "a different level." The literature included other attacks on Whipple, which the Democrat said were false.

Craig Gabel, the head of Kansans for Liberty, told HuffPost that the piece was meant to point out issues about Whipple and ask if he could address children's issues if he wasn't a parent. Whipple's opponent, Lindsey, also didn't have children. Gabel said a similar piece was not created against Lindsey, since Lindsey was in agreement with Tea Party principles."


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