Friday, October 26, 2012

Rescued kitten

     My folks encountered this kitten, somehow lost in the mountains. They fed it for a couple of weeks. Then my mom used some Rube Goldbergian techniques to catch the little brat. Now, it lives in the back room. The brat's comin' around fast. Already, she tolerates our petting her, brushing her. She'll be playin' with us soon. She might end up at my place. UPDATE 10/29: we have determined that the kitten is male, and I have named him "Bugsy." He seems to become happier and livelier with each day that passes. I'll take him to the vet for a checkup pretty soon.

A video that appears on a Tim Jemal website:


Anonymous said...

Two voices of idiocy, both of whom refer to themselves as "educators", condemn Prop 30 in their op-Ed hit piece in today's OC Register.

Did I mention that one of them is the president of the Board just up the I-5 in Santa Ana, and the other is our very own dolt and traitorous asshole Don Wagner?

Anonymous said...

What is it with these louts that they are so much more concerned about saving on their taxes so they can buy another bottle of claret, than they are about the future of education amd, thus, the future of the country? Is there anything more short sighted than the average Republican?

Anonymous said...

did you see that your favorite attorney was on channel nine last night and was actually talking about something positive for the community...what's the angle


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