Monday, October 29, 2012

Williams: I’m the only Republican, so vote for me

     Earlier today, a friend forwarded a letter sent out yesterday by trustee candidate (Area 7) John Williams. It is entitled “The Only True Republican Candidate and RINO ALERT!”
     Typical Williams. He runs for a nonpartisan office by declaring his membership in the GOP.
     “RINO,” of course, abbreviates “Republican in name only.”
     Williams even shouts (in caps) “FORWARD TO ALL OF YOUR REPUBLICAN FRIENDS!”

     In his letter, Williams explains that “I retired completely from public service last January and now have the time and good health necessary to serve as your trustee again.”
     “Retired.” Sure.
     He declares his pride in having registered Republican for over 40 years. He reminds readers of his bid to become Area 7 trustee.
     Then he gets to the point:
     The race for this board seat has four candidates and I'm clearly the only Republican. … Mr. Jemal has very impressive Democratic Party credentials and you can see his extensive Democratic Party photo gallery online at his business website…. I've been advised that Mr. Jemal was a supporter of OC Democrats for Obama 2008 and is very active in OC Democrats for Obama 2012. I'm told he has been characterized as a "very good Democrat" and appears to be loyal to his party as he should be….
     I do believe that Williams is mistaken. Mr. Jemal has long been a “decline to state” independent.
     (Observe that Williams, as usual, is a dolt. If Jemal is a RINO, then, ipso facto, he's a Republican. But Williams clearly implies that Jemal is a Democrat. So which is it, Orlando Boy?)
     Oddly, Williams next lists some of Jemal’s endorsements, including Todd Spitzer, Don Wagner, Nancy PadbergFrank Uryand three Democrats. Spitzer, of course, has been accused of moderation most foul by local Neanderthals, but nobody would call the other three anything but conservative Republicans.
     Says Williams: “I believe Orange County Republicans, especially our elected Republican Party Central Committee Members, should support fellow Republicans running for office.”
     So he's a man of principle! Yeah, like the principle that you lay off the partisanship in campaigns for nonpartisan offices.
     He asks his readers to visit his website:
     You can read about recent legislation signed into law by Governor Brown and sponsored by the County of Orange that prevents individuals (in my case, a former disgruntled Irvine Valley College professor) selected to serve on grand juries from abusing their position by engaging in personal vendettas and attacking former employers as was my case with the 2008-2009 OC Grand Jury and their completely inaccurate reports.
     Don’t know what that’s about. Just who is this “former disgruntled IVC professor”? (I guess he's no longer disgruntled.) Evidently, he/she served on the 2008-2009 OC Grand Jury. I've been unable to locate a list of Grand Jury members. (UPDATE: for members, see here. Longtime IVC Emeritus instructor Cathey Bertot [or someone who shares her name] was a member. But IVC and Emeritus are pretty far removed from each other. A "Marilyn Reardon" was a colleague and defender of Steve Frogue, c. 1995--but that's at least two degrees of separation.)
     Anybody know who the Disgruntled One is supposed to be?
     Based on Williams’ record, one does best, I think, taking this accusation—of personal vendettas and conflicts of interest—with a grain of salt.

P.S.: Williams appears not to have a single endorsement. None appears on his website.

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