Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trustee candidates to be interviewed starting June 18

     As you know, on Monday, the board decided to proceed to fill the vacancy on the board left by Tom Fuentes' passing—a prima facie odd decision, given that the election is only five months away. 
     At that meeting, an attorney for the district advised that a candidate need not live in Area 6 (Lake Forest and environs), as long as he or she resides in the larger district area.
     Evidently, since then, the district has been advised otherwise.
     As you'll see below, candidate interviews will occur the week of June 18, which is one month (and two days) away. Don't be surprised if a "relative" of Tom's is a candidate. TJ Fuentes is rumored to be interested. Fuentes plainly intended for TJ to pick up where Tom left off. I don't know where TJ resides, but he's about 25 years old and, as I reported earlier this morning, he is "chief of staff to conservative publishing magnate Tom Phillips, one of his father's best friends." Phillips resides in Newport Beach.
     The deadline for applications is June 11 (i.e., three weeks away).
     This info is available at the SOCCCD website. There, one encounters a link entitled NOTICE OF TRUSTEE VACANCY. Upon clicking on that, one sees this:
Area 6: Includes Lake Forest, parts of Irvine and unicorporated area[.] 
South Orange County Community College District is accepting applications for provisional appointment to a vacant Trustee position to serve until November 6, 2012. Candidates must reside in Trustee Area #6 which includes Lake Forest, parts of Irvine and unincorporated area. Application materials are available in the links below or from the Chancellor’s Office.... ... The completed application and supporting materials must be received in the SOCCCD Office of the Chancellor and Trustee Services ... no later than 5:00 p.m. on June 11, 2012
Trustee Application [link]
Trustee Interview Worksheet [link]
Here's the application:
     Please complete this application and attach a brief biography or resume. The completed application and attached biography or resume must be returned by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 11, 2012 to the SOCCCD Office of the Chancellor and Trustee Services....
     Interviews will be held the week of June 18, 2012. Candidates for appointment are advised that the board may exercise its authority to appoint a person from outside the pool of applicants.
     NOTE: Candidates must reside in Trustee Area #6 of the South Orange County Community College District, which includes Lake Forest, parts of Irvine, and unincorporated areas. Before completing and submitting this application, please call the Registrar of Voters to determine whether you reside in Trustee Area #6.
Here's the "interview worksheet":
1. As do all California state agencies, we at the South Orange County Community College District experience financial constraints even as the need for our services continues to escalate. Describe your experience in financial management as well as your financial philosophy on management of public funds.
2. What is the role of special interest groups in the decisions you may be making as a trustee? For example, how would you respond if a community member or employee asked you to carry through an issue of his/her concern?
3. If you are appointed, what will be your style of work in joining with other board members to make decisions and set policy? Please give evidence from previous work groups to support your response.

4. Describe your perception of the nature and needs of South Orange County Community College District students.

5. Describe the roles you have played in the South Orange County Community College District. How would you use this position to positively impact the community?

6. What is your philosophy of a comprehensive community college?

7. Is there anything you would like to add before we conclude the interview?


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Tom Fuentes obsessed with stopping nepotism at
the colleges at one time?

Anonymous said...

Where dies TJ live?

Anonymous said...

I hope this board is not foolish enough to appoint TJ Fuentes to the board. We've made a lot of progress in regards to the relationship with the board and faculty .We do not need another Fuentes on the board especially a 25 year old, still wet behind the ears making important decisions that effect peoples lives.

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