Saturday, May 26, 2012

TJ Fuentes working for Regnery's Tom Phillips

A typically modest event at Tom Phillips' estate
     The OC Reg’s Brian Calle yesterday weighed in with his remembrances of Tom Fuentes: Brian Calle: Fondly recalling O.C.'s GOP godfather.
     Nothing new there. But Calle does provide some info about Tom’s son, TJ:
     In his final months, Tom symbolically began passing the torch to his eldest son, Thomas, "T.J." Fuentes Jr. T.J. accompanied his father to virtually every political event he had the energy to attend. Tom beamed with pride as his son delivered the invocation at last year's O.C. GOP's annual Flag Day fundraising dinner.
     T.J. Fuentes is running for a spot on the county GOP central committee and has already become an activist in such groups as the Orange County Young Republicans. He also is chief of staff to conservative publishing magnate Tom Phillips, one of his father's best friends.
     Tom Phillips, eh? The two Toms are affiliated with the conservative think tank Claremont Institute. Further, as we’ve reported previously:
     Ultra-conservative publisher Tom L. Phillips ... founded and serves on the Board of Directors of Eagle Publishing, which owns the notorious Regnery Publishing. [Tom] Fuentes is one of four “external directors” of Eagle Publishing.
     Among Regnery authors are Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Dinesh D'Souza, and Ted Nugent.
     It is rumored that TJ is interested in taking Tom’s spot on the SOCCCD Board of Trustees. Indeed, at the May meeting of the SOCCCD BOT, as I recall, Board Prez Nancy Padberg noted that one of Tom’s “relatives” is interested in that office.
     To learn more about Phillips' Regnery Publishing, see Kill It or Grill It.

Tom Fuentes with Jo Ellen Allen (left) Elizabeth Dole (in yellow) and
former IVC Foundation Director Al Tello (next to Tom)

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