Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tom Fuentes dies

Tom Fuentes, longtime former O.C. GOP chairman, dies (OC Register)

Tom Fuentes, the longtime chairman of the county Republican Party who increased the GOP stronghold over the county and then watched demographic changes roll back those gains, died Friday night surrounded by family at his Lake Forest home after a battle with cancer. He was 63…. (continued)

Tom Fuentes, a Conservative Champion, dies at 63 (Human Events)

Thomas A. Fuentes, a nationally known leader in the conservative movement and the Republican Party, died Friday at his home in Lake Forest at 11:55 p.m. PST, with his wife Jolene and his children Michelle, T.j. and Joey by his side, after a long struggle with cancer. He was 63.... (continued)

Also from Human Events:

Thomas A. Fuentes Remembered As a Patriot, Friend, Mentor to Youth -- Thomas L. Phillips remembers a leader and a dear friend, whose "insight and sage political advice were invaluable" to the organizations and individuals he counseled.

Tom with parents
Tom Fuentes: Fighter for Conservatism -- Bruce Herschensohn looks back on a friend who was interested in everything and recalls, "it wasn't simply that people learned from being with Tom. They learned and laughed."

To Tom Fuentes, A Simple Man -- a tribute from Kathy Tavoularis, who served as the executive director for the California Republican Party from 1993-2005, and worked directly for Fuentes.

Tom with his mentor, Ronald Caspers
Thomas A. Fuentes 'In His Own Words' -- He encouraged an audience in September to "foster the noble and wholesome ideals of our conservative cause. Be not afraid, my friends."

Tom Fuentes: A Life in Pictures


Anonymous said...

He was not a nice man.

Anonymous said...

He was a nice man

Anonymous said...

NIce or not, he's dead.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, no one is remembered for having been "nice." There are a lot of "nice" people out there (whatever that may mean).

Mr Fuentes could be charming, well-spoke, and sometimes displayed a very engaging personality. He was pompous, self-righteous, and was, I believe, ill-suited for the responsibilities of a trustee. On numerous occasions, he insinuated that faculty were overpaid, and didn't do much work. I don't believe he ever truly made an effort to understand what being a community college instructor meant, even though he did attend a community college at one point.

He was seriously ill. I think he was courageous in his struggle with an aggressive form of cancer, and I am sure his last few months were painful in many ways. I am sorry he ended this way. I do think he caused plenty of damage. I'm not sure he ever had the presence of mind to reflect seriously on his actions and its consequences on others, perhaps because of his particular mind set.
Another sad chapter closes in the history of the SOCCCD. May he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Well said, 1:21. I fail to see the often followed practice of "not speaking ill of the dead," and Mr. Fuentes' legacy deserves a truthful analysis. Start with the terms mean and vindictive, and we're getting there.

Anonymous said...

For someone who did not want to squander tax payer money, why did he stay on the BOT after it was clear he would not return? He continued to be paid for not attending meetings. Wonder, if he used the health insurance provided by the district, how much the bills were for his care. Is this public information about the cost, which impacts what may occur in the next round of health care benefits discussions.

Roy Bauer said...

I believe that Fuentes' last meeting before illness forced him to stay home was in March of 2011. Several months later, I noted the curious discrepancy between Fuentes' conservative philosophy and his apparent decision not to resign from the board, despite knowledge that he would likely not return. For that reason, or perhaps for others, he did show up at one further meeting, and he looked terrible. But that was it. So, during a fourteen month period, he attended a BOT meeting only once. As far as I know, he maintained his benefits and expressed no interest in resigning until the end. Election to his former office occurs in five months.

Anonymous said...

Ah, memories of Fuentes...

My favorite was at a board meeting where he asked "What do we care about accreditation?" after the college received a negative report.

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