Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spitzer weighs in

     One of the comments that this morning's VOC article (about former trustee John Williams) attracted today is by former Assistant DA (and current Supervisorial candidate) Todd Spitzer. It reads in part:
     Is this really a shocker that the disgraced, former, PA/PG John Williams would refuse to leave despite his written promise to resign effective Monday? He should have been walked out of the County once it completed its outside audit of his mismanagement practices, pension spiking and inflated salaries. The County had to replace the locks to keep John Williams out. Unbelievable. We have had Mike Carona, Chriss Street and now John Williams when the County is supposed to be more accountable.
     Yes, I lost my job as an Assistant DA because I unknowingly called the Public Guardian on behalf of a crime victim to inquire whether the PG had an on-going investigation. I had no idea that the DA's fiance, Peggy Buff, was the Assistant Public Guardian. I had no idea until about a month later that he was involved in taking over the TapOut case and was reversed by the Court of Appeal. I did not know then that Williams's scheme was to go after decedents' estates in order to gain the court ordered administrative fees so that Williams could offset his padded and bloated budget with those fees after he was warned by the Board of Supervisors to get his fiscal mess in order about a year earlier.
     Williams was stripped of his duties; Buff was demoted and because of her political connections landed another job in another county department and the DA's staff assisted in helping Williams craft a press release to make me look like the bad guy which continues through their spin today.
     I was let go because I uncovered a needle in a haystack which led to another OC scandal involving a lot of high powered political figures…. [My emphases.]
     Gosh, what do Mike Carona, Chriss Street, and John Williams have in common?
     Each was championed (as a public official) by OC GOP kingmaker--and, since 2000, SOCCCD trustee--Tom Fuentes.
     Fuentes was instrumental in having Carona--now serving time in federal prison--receive Irvine Valley College's "Hometown Hero" designation. Carona was invited to numerous IVC events, such as 911 commemoration ceremonies.
     Fuentes arranged to have former OC Treasurer Chriss Street give occasional presentations before the SOCCCD Board of Trustees.
     Fuentes helped Williams secure the Public Administrator gig in 2003, despite Williams' utter lack of qualifications.

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