Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A recent Fuentes sighting

     If you’re into OC GOP Central Committee “inside baseball”—not me, brother—check out Jack Wu’s column today in the Newport Beach Independent.
     Wu mentions that he acted as Tom Fuentes’ driver for Monday’s Central Committee meeting.
     The occasion? For Fuentes, it was a chance “to swear in his son T.J. as an alternate member of the Central Committee…”
     Fuentes, that noisy "fiscal conservative," remains trustee for Area 6 of the South Orange County Community College District, though he has attended only one board meeting since last March, owing, presumably, to his terminal cancer. His colleagues on the board have consistently acted to have him receive his trustee pay despite the absences. Presumably, he also continues to receive the hefty benefits that go with the job.
     Fuentes is reputed to be wealthy—the Balboa Bay Club seems to be his second home—though he and his family live in a relatively modest home in Lake Forest.
1924 op-ed cartoon in the Fullerton Tribune
(unearthed recently by Gustavo Arellano)


Anonymous said...

If I showed up for only 1 out of 8 classes, I don't think the Board would be bending over backward to pay me for it.

I fear no fish said...

T.J. is Fuentes's son?!???!

Oh, wait, different T.J.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a cartoon Fuentes himself might have composed. Remember his comment about people's front yards?

Anonymous said...

When Fuentes is dead, he, no doubt, will continue to miss meetings (though his contributions will be more rational)will his in absentia pay day stop?

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