Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OC serial killer

Victim McGillivray
     Today, police announced that a "serious, dangerous serial killer" is preying on homeless people in North OC. (It's a good thing cops are paid to catch killers and not to write about them.) 
     The killer has killed perhaps three people in a ten-day period (up to last Friday).
     Authorities have judged that the killings are indeed the work of a single killer, perhaps the shaddowy man pictured below, approaching James McGillivray, one of the victims (that's MacGillivray above, still alive, caught earlier by the same surveillance camera).

Killer(?) approaching McGillivray?
     The killer stabs his victims as they sleep.

A "vehicle of interest"
     Authorities are interested in this car, photographed near the scene of one of the killings. It is a 2001-2003 Toyota Corolla. 
     Cops call it a "vehicle of interest."

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