Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cal online ed initiative

Next step for online ed initiative (EducatedGuess)

     With a formal title and a favorable fiscal analysis in hand, backers of an initiative to broaden access to online college preparatory classes will begin gathering signatures today to qualify for the November ballot.
     The proposed initiative would give students the right to go elsewhere for a course required for admission to a UC or CSU campus if their school doesn’t offer it. While they could drive to a nearby district, they also could take the course online. It would establish a California Diploma, which would be awarded when a student completed the 15 required courses, known as A-G.
     The initiative, which promoters are calling the California Student Bill of Rights, would remove some of the state’s significant regulatory and geographic restrictions to online courses. It could affect tens of thousands of high school students who might not have access to all A to G courses….

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Bob Cosgrove said...

If the initiative were to be approved, would students who took such on-line preparatory courses receive the kind of instruction to aid them in succeeding in college? And if such students took such courses and were not accepted by a UC or CSU, might they find themselves at a CC? In which case, depending on the ability of the student and the quality and depth of the on-line course taken, we may see better or more poorly prepared freshman.

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