Monday, October 31, 2011

Don Wagner and Derek Reeve: scary especially to students

     For Halloween, The Liberal OC Blog has posted about OC’s Scariest Politicians.
     You will be utterly unsurprised to learn that former SOCCCD trustee Don Wagner and current Saddleback College Poli Sci instructor Derek Reeve made their top ten:
10. Don Wagner — Mr. Wagner, the state assemblyman from AD-70 often goes to a number of functions at Irvine schools which we find hysterical because he does so little to help OC schools in his district get enough money just to make state average. Despite a career in education. Mr. Wagner has fallen into his party’s platform of never ever raising taxes and gripes about teacher’s unions. We didn’t think it was possible for anyone to top Chuck DeVore in a lack of action to help schools, but Wagner has. Just ask IUSD to call on Wagner for help and listen to the screams.

5. Derek Reeve — This conservative council member is all about guns and offending Muslims. But for students at Concordia University, the plagiarism scandal over writing Reeve submitted to that was lifted from other authors without attribution means you won’t have to worry about getting a bad grade in poli-sci if you are a moderate or a — gasp — liberal. In fact, if you are one of those and got a bad grade in a Reeve taught class, you have grounds to appeal.


Anonymous said...

Getting back to reality and Thursday's accreditation visit to IVC, has anyone heard anything about any open meeting with the visiting team?

Anonymous said...

So proud that our district is so well represented. Makes me feel special working in the hellmouth.

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