Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's puzzling

     Two weeks after Concordia U ended its employment of long-time Poli Sci instructor—and (surprise!) serial plagiaristDerek Reeve, the fellow’s name is still listed as the instructor for two courses in Saddleback College’s Spring 2012 Schedule of Classes (See).
     As far as I know, at Saddleback College, Reeve (who is also a noisy San Juan Capistrano City Councilman and demagogue) has suffered no adverse consequences at all for publishing essays, under his own name, and without proper attribution, that were cut and pasted from other publications (see)—and for publicly defending that practice! (As others have asked, how can an instructor enforce the prohibition against plagiarism in the classroom, if he does not recognize his own plagiarism or regard it as inappropriate?)
     Meanwhile, despite the fact that troubled Saddleback College English Comp instructor, Amy Ahearn, is officially missing and did not show up to teach her Fall 2011 Saddleback College courses (see), she, too, is scheduled to teach in the Spring (see), according to the college's schedule of classes.
     Do they expect her to just show up in January, as though everything were hunky-dory?
     I don't get it. Do you get it?
     No doubt, with regard to these situations, some of you are thinking, "they're taking care of it. They're doing what's appropriate."
     Really? If "they" are doing things, why are those things not reported or announced? What's with the secrecy?
     And if they're doing nothing, just why is that? Shouldn't the college deal with these things?
     Either way, it makes little sense to me.
     —No doubt you'll correct me if I'm mistaken. There's always that option, you know.
* * *
     In Frank Mickadeit’s recent column re the Ahearn case, one reader, evidently employed by a local community college, wrote this:
     If the college knew there was something wrong in 2007, why didn't they step in? Why was she still teaching? If I had been a family member, I would have done my best to have her committed for her own safety.
     …With someone like that, you don't just encourage them to get TAKE them to the help. Words will not do her any good, you have to intervene.
     Well, yeah! Did officials at Saddleback College intervene on Ahearn’s behalf? Did they try hard enough to get help for her? Did they contact her family? Were they unaware of the bizarre and worrisome elements in her teaching, going back years? Are they doing anything right now to find her?
     Hello? Anyone out there?
     Yes, civility is good. But how 'bout some old fashioned humanity?

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