Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fuentes: "not a Liberal in sight!"

     Missed this one. From three days ago:

Western CPAC Honors Tom Fuentes' Lifetime of Fighting the Good Fight (John Gizzi, Human Events)
     Like just about everyone else in California Republican politics, the guests at the Western Conservative Political Action Conference here who attended its tribute to Tom Fuentes on Saturday evening know that the former Orange County GOP chairman and longtime conservative stalwart has been battling cancer. But they also know that the feisty Fuentes still gets out to conservative and party functions and says what’s on his mind, in no uncertain terms.
. . .
     Flanked by his family and facing a hushed audience of fellow conservatives at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Fuentes cited the old adage about feeling as though he'd died and went to heaven. In his words, "Imagine, if you will, a great room full of conservative friends, beautiful ladies, gentle harp music, a flowing bar, the American Flag on display, patriotic Boy Scouts, and, not a Liberal in sight! For me, that is paradise!" And at his tribute, he found his paradise—the flowing bar, surrounded by friends and beautiful women. And there was not one liberal in sight….
     For Fuentes’ speech, go here.


Anonymous said...

I imagine the boy scouts were decked out in leather chaps, making it indeed heaven for the fey little jefe.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, beautiful "ladies" don't have political convictions. Good GAWD, what a dinosaur--and what a jerk.


Anonymous said...

I guess they don't when you've got your sights set on commie women!

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