Friday, October 28, 2011

Common courtesy

Letter to the Editor: A Vote for Courtesy (The Capistrano Dispatch)
     I echo Councilman Larry Kramer’s call for “the highest standard of morality” and “common courtesy” by city council members in his response to Councilman Derek Reeve’s unnecessary and tasteless comments regarding the naming of his dog Muhammad.
     Mr. Reeve’s remarks seemed designed to be insulting to Muslims, regardless of his right to speak them freely. I am not Muslim, but his words, and his behavior since he uttered them, offend me as Christian and a citizen of San Juan Capistrano. I expect my City Council members to respect the interests of all the residents of San Juan Capistrano, regardless of race, religion or creed. Mr. Reeves, however, used his right to free speech, and his position on the council dais, to demonstrate contempt for the interests of a particular religious group. Although Mr. Reeve claims that he respects “the many honorable members of that faith” and denies that he intended insult, he refused to apologize for his comments, which makes me worry that this councilman lacks honesty, good manners, and/or good sense.
     I applaud Councilman Kramer and Mayor Allevato for calling Mr. Reeves to task over this incident, which embarrasses the council and shames the city.
—Susan Eberhardt, San Juan Capistrano

Wall Street Journal

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A really nice letter--impressive! Thanks for posting it, BvT.


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