Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well, that explains a lot

From today's Chronicle of Higher Education:
Intellectual Curiosity Predicts Academic Success, Study Finds
     Intellectual curiosity is a strong predictor of future academic performance, says an article in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science. That conclusion was based on a meta-analysis of 200 previous studies of students who rated their own intellectual curiosity, among other factors. Intellectual curiosity has as large an effect on academic performance as conscientiousness, though not as much as intelligence, the article says. That finding lends credence to the idea that “a ‘hungry mind’ is a core determinant of individual differences in academic achievement,” write Sophie von Stumm of the University of Edinburgh and two co-authors. Universities should encourage more curiosity among their students and pay greater attention to the trait when making admissions decisions, the authors suggest.


Anonymous said...

100 Miles South, Are we out of compliance with the 50% law? I looked at the report, but it indicated 52%.

Anonymous said...

How could that be? 52% when over 50 folks took the incentive package. I suspect we are sadly out of compliance this year.

B. von Traven said...

Am I missing something? What does the 50% Law have to do with "intellectual curiosity"?

Anonymous said...

Yeah; I was baffled by the comments, too!

What gives, 100?


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