Monday, September 19, 2011

Over the cliff we go!

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Anonymous said...

Twisted, sophomoric humor brought to you by leftist louts.

Anonymous said...

Well, you see, 7:51, your problem is that you're not responding with any sort of cogent argument. I'll try to help.

The cartoon is sort of a metaphor for our current polarized government, in which there's one party that doesn't understand anything about economics and is controlled by a purist ideology that is concerned about nothing except tax cuts. And, see, they are fine with taking the country over a cliff.

Now, and pay attention, what you should do is to provide a cogent counter argument, such as, oh, I don't know, "Well, we have a huge budget deficit that will bring us to financial ruin unless we cut services to the bone, and that's more important than a combination of cuts and revenue enhancement." Something like that.

OK, now, there we go. Your turn. If you do a good job, your mom will make you a treat.

Anonymous said...

Re: nihilistic cartoon, Anonymous' response @ 2:02 pm is hilarious. And I agree, Anon @ 7:51 am isn't bringing anything except name-calling and stating the obvious (why, yes, it's twisted; why, yes, it's leftist). My take on it was wondering if it's really nihilism Tom Tomorrow is showing? Does he have nihilism accurately portrayed or is this a sort of light-hearted straw man? (Not that misrepresenting nihilism affects the point he's making.)

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