Sunday, September 18, 2011

Closing Time

via Los Angeles Review of Books via Galley Cat - a photo taken by a reader identified as Jessers25 at a Borders going out of business sale.

In the photo (click to enlarge), a Thomas Jefferson quotation, "I cannot live without books," presides over a bare wall and dismantled bookcases, and discarded subject signs including "WORLD HISTORY."

Today is Borders' last in business.

Rebel Girl is busy using up all those old Borders gift cards she has lying around.

According to Galley Cat: "No matter what you think about mega-bookstores or Borders management, this is a sad year for everyone who loves books. If you want to help, the Help Ex-Borders Employees page is collecting resources for the thousands of booksellers looking for work."



Anonymous said...

My heart breaks more, much more, for the independent booksellers but point taken. For most of my students, these mega-store are the only bookstores they ever knew.

Anonymous said...

Sad, indeed. I found fantastic bargains at the Rancho Mirage Borders and gathered them up eagerly even while mourning--talk about mixed feelings! --But sadness predominated. The closing of any bookstore seems an awful thing.


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