Monday, March 14, 2011

"They want to kill all Muslims"

A Local GOP Leadership No Longer in Lock Step (Voice of OC)

Deborah Pauley
     The longtime leaders of Orange County's Republican Party were given a rude awakening in January when Villa Park Councilwoman, and self described "blended" Tea Partier, Deborah Pauly, bested establishment candidate Jon Fleischman in the election for first vice chair of the GOP Central Committee.
     Just how rude this awakening could end up being for the party's establishment became apparent in mid February when Pauly stood outside of a Muslim charity event in Yorba Linda and said to cheering protestors: "Make no mistake my friends, these who are assembling are enemies of America."
     She added: "I know quite a few Marines who would be very happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise."
. . .
     At least one major Muslim advocacy group has demanded that Orange County's Republican party's condemn the protest and comments from elected officials who were present.
     "Time and again Republican leaders have shown a lack of leadership and irresponsible behavior in upholding the oath that they took," said Munira Syeda, a local spokeswoman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "It's time for the Republican party to come out and say this is un-American.
     The local controversy comes against the backdrop of last week's congressional hearing in Washington D.C. focusing on Islamic extremism. Supporters of the hearing say it is a courageous stand for national security. Critics compare it to McCarthyism and say it is the latest example of growing Islamophobia throughout the country.
     The response by Orange County's party leadership to Pauly's comments has been muted, even a bit disjointed. In an interview with a reporter, OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh defended Pauly's right to speak out, but was clearly uncomfortable doing it.
Allan Bartlett
     "We don't referee the content of what people say out at rallies," Baugh said. He added later: "In Democracy – in a country with free speech – at rallies a lot of things are said. I wouldn't read too much into it."
. . .
     However, even some Tea Party activists are acknowledging that outbursts like Pauly's could significantly damage efforts by the local GOP to broaden its base.
     "You have a lot of people (in the GOP) that want to kill – it seems to me – they want to kill all Muslims," said Central Committee member and fellow Tea Partier Allan Bartlett. "I don't criticize her right to be there, but it has generated publicity that I don't think – our party could do better as far as messaging right now….

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping our attention on this. That's what I like best about this blog - you go beyond the colleges.

Anonymous said...

I love the usual party hack responses to stupidity. Boehner, in response to birther nonsense, says he doesn't tell people what to think. Right. Baugh doesn't "referee" content. Sure.

If some Republican suggested a 10% increase on income taxes for the uber wealthy, you'd see criticism, censorship, and shunning, in a Mormon sense. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Okay here it is from his own mouth! Obama is not an American citizen!

Not Natural Born -- TRUTH MATTERS

Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with humans fighting what has become an enemy,nothing wrong at all, if you are a shocked liberal,i say wake up and study islams abuse throughout the world,islam muslims have started a big killing spree and not it's turning around,kharma like. islam is growing just like the fascist nazis of hitler.and the real strong people will get it taken apart and destroyed so you even can live,cause islam takes eveyone life eventually but its' own. islam is a dead religion,it has killed its' truth by murdering hindus,buddhists,animists,pagans,witches,jews,christians,and any and everything that oppose it. just beware friend,i am proud to see people getting ready to say it for real about themand i am native american,not christian,but the world is uniting for a reason and that is to answer the real threat that this islam represents,and no this is not going to be pretty,it's just necessary!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to kill the Muslims who want to Kill us :) But that's a huge number.

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