Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New charges filed against one of Tom Fuentes’ former advisees

     The OC Reg’s Marttin Wisckol writes about one of Tom Fuentes’ former advisees: Tan Nguyen:

New charges filed against ex-Sanchez challenger
     A second felony obstruction of justice charge has been filed against Tan Nguyen, the 2006 GOP challenger of Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Santa Ana, increasing the doubling the [sic] maximum possible sentence against him to 40 years.
     The charges arise from a controversial letter Nguyen’s campaign sent to 14,000 Latino voters, warning that some of them may have been ineligible to vote – and could go to jail and be deported if they attempted to cast a ballot.. . .
     The original count against Nguyen alleges that he told someone else to provide a false account of circumstances about the 2006 letter to Latinos. The new count alleges that Nguyen himself attempted to mislead state investigators.
     The letter, written in Spanish, said that “emigrados” were not allowed to vote and would be incarcerated and deported if they tried. However, translations of “emigrados” included both immigrants in general and immigrants who are not U.S. citizens.
     Naturally, Nguyen’s lawyer, Dean Steward, is claiming that Sanchez is behind the new charge. He is quoted as saying, “The retaliatory hand of Rep. Loretta Sanchez seems to loom over this new indictment, and the defense seeks a hearing to determine what role Rep. Sanchez had in the added felony charge.”
     Back in ’06, when the existence of the letter came to light, Tom Fuentes, Nguyen’s senior advisor, seemed to disappear from the scene. Further, amid the ruckus, Nguyen’s treasurer, Emilee Tello, resigned.
     Naturally, Tello is the wife of Al Tello, the head of Irvine Valley College’s Foundation. (Al owes his employment at IVC to his close relationship with the hyper-cronyistic Fuentes –you know, the guy who sees “nepotism” under every rock.)
     Fuentes is himself notorious for his involvement in an infamous episode back in the late '80s, when guards were hired to stand outside voting areas in Latino neighborhoods. See Tom's "goons". Tom was the head of the local GOP at the time.
     No doubt, you’ll recall the famous “Stand by Our Tan” campaign song. If not, you're in for a treat. See the above video!
* * *
     Lots of Fuentes’ GOP pals can be found in county government. For a brief look into one hidden corner of OC politics' dark Republican heart, check out Norberto Santana Jr.’s article in this morning’s Voice of OC: The Fifth Floor's Recycling Bin.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the enlightenment about Al Tello...without a doubt, everyone knows he owes his job to someone...just didn't know it was Fuentes! Boy he can pick them!

Anonymous said...

Dark Republican heart indeed.

Anonymous said...

Can Fuentes' new liver be recalled and given, instead, to a decent human being?

Anonymous said...

I agree...recall Fuentes' liver and get a brain...then give it to Tello...he could use one.

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