Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Bottom up" cuts at Southwestern College: a tale w/ accordion

A week ago, our friends at Southwestern College posted a brief video that describes their ongoing troubles with a dictatorial Superintendent and a clueless board. (See Trouble at Southwestern College.)

Union Prez Phil Lopez (aka 100 Miles Down the Road) describes the proposed college budget cuts that led to student protests; and he describes the Keystone episode and subsequent bizarre administrative action that got the college into the funny papers not long ago.

It's nicely done.

Plus there's accordion music. Funny.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love those English teachers - so articulate - plus he plays accordian!

Anonymous said...

Most colleges--maybe more those with elected Boards--get behind the 8 ball from time to time. When it happens at your college it's painful and scaring for many.

Our district in South Orange has been a battle ground for years but most of us have become battle hardened, a bit more clever when the next shoe falls.. A few gave up. But that is probably the nature of the business we find ourselves in.

My sympathy to Southwestern folks. Roy, is there anything we can do to help them? Letters? E-mails? Money for attorneys? A plague or locusts on the administration and Board (at least those who have allowed this to happen)?

B. von Traven said...

You might try contacting Save Our Southwestern College or perhaps Lopez directly at the college. I'm not sure exactly where they're at right now. That they put out this video suggests, of course, that the war is by no means over.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continuing coverage, and, for sure, the war is by no means over. If you want to help, money for our PAC to elect new BoT members would certainly be welcome. But since you've got big troubles with your own damn Board--and an election coming up this year--pins in voodoo dolls, spells and incantations, good thoughts, prayers, whatever your thang is, will also help.

Glad you liked the accordion. The song is "Just Because": "Just because you think you're so pretty/Just because you think you're so hot/Just because you think you've got something/That nobody else has got." I should have played the Stones' "Paint it Black" which sounds really bizarre on the squeezebox.

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--P. Lopez

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