Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An update—and some "Santiago fire" evac pics

Just heard from a friend, via cell phone, who has managed to remain in the Trabuco Canyon area (his home is near Hamilton Truck Trail), despite yesterday's mandatory evacuation.

Bruce happily reports that, right now, there is little fire activity along Live Oak Canyon Road, which stretches for about three miles from Hamilton Trail (it used to be a stage coach stop) down to Trabuco Creek.

The only substantial fire, he says, seems to be well above Joplin's Boy's Ranch (which is near Trabuco Canyon proper). (The jail's inhabitants were transferred to other county facilities yesterday or Monday.)

He says that there continues to be substantial smoke coming from Modjeska/Silverado, for what that's worth. They are somewhat distant.

1st photo: THE PLUME: looking back at our part of the canyon from the switchbacks immediately above Trabuco Creek, about 4:00 p.m., yesterday. I took the shot from my car as we evacuated.

The fire shown here was probably just above Hamilton Truck Trail (which is a mile and a half beyond Cook's Corner as one travels toward Trabuco Canyon).

I took this photo a few minutes before we evacuated. The smoke roiled alarmingly.

It was taken from my place, looking toward the general direction of Modjeska Canyon, which is miles away.

Looking in the direction of Modjeska Canyon from Harris Grade not far beyond Cook's Corner.

This was one of two or three aircraft I spotted mid-afternoon yesterday.

It was flying at a low altitude above Live Oak Canyon. Reminds me of the old B-26.

Looking down from the top of Harris Grade (near the entrance of Hamilton Trail) toward Cook's Corner, more or less. (I had to desaturate the pic to reveal the smoke.)

Someone lost and wandering in front of Cook's Corner (Santiago Canyon Road & Live Oak Canyon Road), about 2:00 p.m. Or not.

A firefighter at Cook's.

Good job, guys!

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