Friday, May 11, 2007


MY FRIENDS down south tell me that, at today’s special meeting of the District Leadership Council, Chancellor Mathur briefly held forth on his recent court experience, lecturing those in attendance.

Given his key role in the disastrous & embarrassing & disturbing Rodney Poindexter episode--which of course yielded his recent courtroom adventure--one might suppose that Mathur would take the opportunity to warn others against his many and egregious errors.

I'm told that he acknowledged no errors.

Then he asked for questions. There were none.

The meeting was over.

Maybe somebody told the fellow to take the high road and he thinks this is it.


Anonymous said...

Why won't he just go away?

Anonymous said...

Victory is sweet. Go Raghu!

Anonymous said...

Did tears form in his eyes? Did he get all trembly? This man so believes that he is Righteous and Good that he imagines himself to be Job, encountering yet another trial an' trib, and then he gets choked up.

Meanwhile, everybody else knows him to be an asshole, and they just get the hell out of there.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, everybody else knows him ..."

Who the fuck are you to speak for everybody, 9:28?

Anonymous said...

Please, 12:53, provide a list of the wonderful and endearing qualities of your sweet little hero.

Anonymous said...











Anonymous said...

Is it true that Raghu is grooming Dale Carranza to become an administrator? Did I here correctly that Dale "Ray, How should I vote cuz I ain't gotta clue?" Carranza is taking or did take a course in leadership or something such as that at Argosy University?; - one of our more putrid of for profit diploma mills.

Could Dale Carranza of "DaleRay" infamy be one of our next administrators?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't or Didn't one of the second generation hirings, Elizabeth "not a clue dimwit" Cipres also work or serve Argosy in some way.

Did I hear that Tom "meet me behind the confessional" Fuentes also had something to do with Argosy?

Would all of this explain the Argosy promotional cards ended up in employee mail files about a year ago?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Liz "the dimwit"? Yes, she is. Say, I heard that she got moved back to SSC and took all of the library furniture with her. Geez.
Anyhow, anyone up for a civil war?

Anonymous said...

10:36 Why is the list of "endearing qualities of your hero" in Spanish? So most of the people posting cannot participate? Here is how your list reads in English.

Balls (as in testicles) There is a real quality!
Big headed / Stubborn
Owner (of what?)
Patriot(ic) (Just because he likes to say the Pledge of Allegiance? What has he done to deserve this descriptor?)

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