Thursday, May 10, 2007

More outstanding community college leaders


Inside Higher Ed directs us to a story (Ringle steps down from TMCC helm) about Philip Ringle, who is stepping down as president of Truckee Meadows Community College:

…Chancellor Jim Rogers said Ringle's departure has nothing to do with a sexual harassment complaint filed last year against him, the second such charge in two years made against him.

Karen Magstadt, Ringle's former executive assistant, filed a complaint that is pending before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, charging him with sexual harassment.

The complaint alleges that Ringle stalked her, following her to the ladies' restroom and waiting outside, following her to her car after work, asking her "inappropriate questions" and creating a hostile work environment.

…In 2006, a former employee was paid $10,000 to end a sexual harassment lawsuit against Ringle …[Anne-Louise] Bennett, 55, had sued Ringle in federal court in Reno, charging he had created a hostile work environment after she refused to accept his offers to have dinner with him and then join him in his hot tub while his wife was out of town….

See also: High Level Harassment?


IHE also directs us to a story about the director of financial aid at an Alabama community college: 14 more arrests in Bishop State investigation:

The director of Bishop State Community College's financial aid office was among 14 people charged with theft Tuesday in an ongoing fraud investigation at the Mobile school.

Financial aid director Charles Weymon Holloway, 59, was charged with first degree theft by deception along with his sister-in-law Jaqueline Williams, who is employed in the school's maintenance department. Also charged were the school's softball coach, baseball coach, barbering teacher, tailoring instructor and bookstore, cosmetology and admissions employees.

"We have now charged 27 people with felony theft since our investigations began last summer," District Attorney John Tyson Jr. said in a statement Tuesday. "The corruption in this office runs deep, and we are still investigating."

The college president, Yvonne Kennedy (pictured above), is also a legislator.


Few are aware that, as a young man, now-Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur (of the South Orange County Community College District) tried out for Sri Lankan Idol, Sri Lanka's version of "American Idol." Mathur didn't get far, he says, owing to a bad case of 5 o'clock shadow, which he blames on the producers of the program. "I was prepared to do what was necessary to win," he now says. "But a core group of the show's producers were afraid of my awesome talent, and so they conspired to dull my razor blade. I'm certain of it."

Over the years, the alleged perpetrators have repeatedly demanded that Mathur produce the razor blade in question. He now says that the blade has "gone missing."

(I.e., outstanding future students)


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the SOCCCD's own Chancellor Raghu Mathur have fabulous commencement RAGHULIA--paid for by the district?

Didn't the Chancellor receive his "doctorate" from Cracker Jack Prize U in Florida?

Didn't the Chancellor recently to try sneak a big raise for himself by disguising the item as a "acadamic personnel" matter?


Anonymous said...

Judging by what I've heard about this man (Raghu Mathur), my guess is that he just made up that stuff about the razor blade. My guess: he just can't sing.

Own it, Mathur! Just OWN IT!

Anonymous said...

You're killin' me!

Anonymous said...

I think he's cute with the mohawk. He gets my vote.

The Bearded Guy said...

Chuck I agree with you regarding Ragu being incompetent and a bully, but I found this post a little offensive.
There seems to be an underlying tone of prejudice. If Sanjaya was not Indian would you make this comparison?
I liked your previous post on taking the "High Road". Be humorous without giving the other side ammunition.

Chunk Wheeler said...

How many agree with "Bearded Guy" that the Sri Lankan idol stuff has an "underlying tone of prejudice"?

My intent (I think) was simply to exploit the brief fame of this Sanjaya kid to concoct this (funny?) earlier chapter of Raghu's career. Didn't mean to put down people from India of Sri Lanka.

They don't wear mohawks in those parts, do they?

Anonymous said...

More sexual harrassment of women by straight men, surprise surprise. People are so worried about gays in schools, but it's the straight men we need to be wary of. My partner is a teacher in public school and in the last twenty years in his district there have been at least five cases of straight male teachers having affairs with high school girls. Although here are gay teachers in this district, there have been no cases of gays harrassing sexually students. In fact, you rarely hear of gay male teachers harrassing students, but the straight harrassment makes the news almost weekly. And it's usually old white guys too!

Parents, get a clue! Forget about the gays in schools; but watch the straight men!

Anonymous said...

I did not find the Sri Lankan Idol reference to be inappropriate, but just inaccurate. I do not think Raghu is Sri Lankan. So have him auditioning on Mumbay Idol. But accuracy in this part of the blog would not make it near so fun; I mean, Raghu has never sported a mohawk either, has he?

Chunk Wheeler said...

Last week, in court, witnesses testified that Mathur explained not hiring a more qualified Sri Lankan woman (in 1997) by saying that he did not want to be accused of hiring someone of his "own ethnicity." Hence the "Sri Lankan" allusion. (Naturally, we are aware that Mathur hails from India, not Sri Lanka.)

We do try to be accurate here in Dissent.

Anonymous said...

Now I get it. I doubt the Sri Lankans would be pleased.

Anonymous said...

Raghu was trying to do the right thing and now you are jumping all over him!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for more politically correct handwringing over yet another nonissue.

Lets hear more about the high school girls, though. (That should set somebody off.)

karma kid said...

Forget the "prejudice" accusation--it's a red herring. Raghu and Sanjaya have much in common regardless of their cultural origins. Both are minimally talented narcissists who overstayed their welcomes. Both had the backing of people with agendas, and most importantly, if both of their names were never heard again, we would all be a lot better off.

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