Thursday, February 8, 2018

Catching Up: Ms. Rodriguez goes to Washington & #MeToo

Rosa receives the news of her recognition - and balloons.  
The Dissenters have been overwhelmed lately with the stuff of life, some good, some downright tragic, but who hasn't?  But here's a feel good to share:

Rosa, everyone's favorite DACA student, one of 800,000 targeted for possible deportation by Trump and the 62,984,825 people who voted for him (Raise your hands Trump voters! Higher! Higher! We can''t see you!) was selected as the IVC Foundation Outstanding Student of the Year. Rosa will be honored along with others at a fancy dinner on March 10 FIVE days Trump's deadline on DACA. Gee, that should be exciting for all sorts of reasons.  Hope to see you there. Rosa's parents will be in attendance to see their daughter honored for her many achievements, including her courage representing the 700 DACA students enrolled in the SOCCCD.

Earlier in January, Rosa traveled to Washington D.C. where she met met Senator Kamala Harris, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and other elected officials, including a pissed off Darrell Issa who told the Dreamers gathered in his office that he wanted to deport all of them and their parents too. He was having a very, very bad day and hours later announced his "retirement."

Ms. Rodriguez goes the Washington. 
Rosa, John Lennon and President Lincoln: a trio of dreamers.

Meanwhile we keep hearing thing, yes things, here and there, there and here. There's a new sheriff in town who likes to read history. Someone is finally interested in mysterious disappearances. Finally. The case of the rival cheerleaders in Las Vegas and who sent who what when and why. Did so and so really say THAT? How much room is left in that old closet?  Yes, # MeToo. We are trying to find time to follow them up and down and see what's what. Please be patient. And keep those cards and letters and emails coming. We're still here. You're still there. It's all good as the kids say. At least for now.

Here's Joan Baez singing Tom Waits on her forthcoming album.  Joan will be touring for the last time this year. Go.



Anonymous said...

Is it fair to call out trump voters? Just wondering.

Rebel Girl said...

It's fair. Now is the time for calling out.

Anonymous said...

Let us help the people who come to this country as did my immigrant family members several generations back. Here is a young IVC student who is going to make this country GREAT (but not again since it has always been great). Put the money into education, health and diplomacy rather than expensive military marches down the streets of Washington or New York.

Roy Bauer said...

I was an immigrant, coming to this country in 1960.
California, land of dreams.
Ms. Rodriguez is my hero

Anonymous said...

What will happen to her if they don't pass the plan by March 5?

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