Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tod Burnett takes "another job"

For Bush/Cheney, eh? What a swell guy.
LBCC chooses its new leader, Reagan Romali, from Chicago city college
The Press Telegram
Found a new job, evidently
Long Beach Community College District trustees voted Tuesday afternoon to offer Long Beach City College’s top position to Reagan Romali, currently the leader of City Colleges of Chicago….
. . .
Besides Romali, the other five candidates who made it to the short list were Saddleback College President Tod Burnett, Los Angeles Harbor College President Otto Lee, East Los Angeles College President Marvin Martinez and Melinda Nish, executive advisor to the president of College of the Marshall Islands. Burnett withdrew himself from consideration to take another job before Long Beach trustees made their choice....
     Don't know what that job is. I hope it's far away though.

       UPDATE ON TOD BURNETT (April 8, 2017): a reliable source tells us where Tod Burnett, who is set to leave Saddleback College in June, has secured his next job. Tod will be working at Brandman University, which, of course, is local and is part of the Chapman University system.
     Our source says that, essentially, he'll be Brandman's "foundation director."
     Our source also noted that, 'cause Brandman's private, this foundation gig could get rough. It ain't like the public sector, he said.
     You'll recall that Burnett was hired by Raghu Mathur years ago, despite his lack of academic experience (VP of Eva Gabor International, Governor Schwarzenegger's deputy appointments secretary, Associate Faculty at the University of Phoenix), owing to his supposed connections up at the state chancellor's office, where he served in a "Vice" capacity, doing nothing much of significance (he could see the bottom of the barrel from where he stood).
     That "connection" didn't seem to pan out for the Gooster, who is now teaching Chem as an adjunct somewhere—and lending his "name" to dubious for-profits


Anonymous said...

So what's up with Todd? And where'd you get that very special photo? Do you have similar ones of Glenn?

Roy Bauer said...

Occasionally, I simply Google/image these guys' names. Out pops a photo from ten years ago: Tod in the thrall of Bush/Cheney.
Check out the hair.
The only good photos of Glenn are the photoshop monstrosities I have produced over the years. The rest just show a plastic man with synthetic skin. A Trumpian. An absurd man.

Anonymous said...

Thrall indeed. I have never seen Tod looking so happy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know anything about Bugay? I heard he's gone.

Anonymous said...

Really? Bugay?

Anonymous said...

His name doesn't come up in the on-line District Employee Directory. Could it be?

Anonymous said...

The April board agenda says he's being evaluated. Guess he failed it.

Traitor? Idiot? Both?